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Markus Schulz and Steve Aoki Flight Fun and Jump

Markus Schulz travelled to El Paso, Texas over Labor Day weekend to perform at the Sun City Music Festival and on the way he ended up on the same flight with Steve Aoki. The two had some fun on the plane and then setup this picture below.

Now, before any Schulz fans get bent out of shape, they’re just having some fun together. Chances are you have some friends who are fans of Aoki as well. We’re united with music, not separated by it even if we don’t like each others genres.

Steve Aoki Markus Schulz El Pas Flight Fun

Scream Aoki Jump. Photo by Caesar Sebastian

Scream Aoki Jump. Photo by Caesar Sebastian

Photo by Caesar Sebastian

How to prepare for an Aoki Jump, grab your jeans. Photo by Caesar Sebastian

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