New Music Review: Mike EFEX – Machine City


California native Mike EFEX is no stranger to regular Coldharbour followers, and he makes a welcome return to the label with a track primed for those dark and dirty moments late into the night, entitled “Machine City”.

Let me start this music review by saying wow! From the beginning this track really had my jaw on the floor. The mesmerizing percussion reverberates through every orifice of your body! Mike’s signature sound is made evident from the beginning. This track can be played in a festival, club show or just sitting at home. “Machine City” takes you on a ride that not many tracks have taken me on and it’s so different in every way. “Machine City” circumferences you in a cloud that will take you higher and higher, then dump you into the realm unknown called pure bliss! The combination of sounds is one of the best that I’ve heard recently and I’m sure will be blasted across stages everywhere.

I personally had a chance to incorporate Mike’s amazing sound into one of my recent sets and the crowd reacted just as I thought. It left them wanting more and more until it finally fell right into that sweet spot that we all desire at any show. All I can say after listen to this track is bravo! The originality is clear and I can’t wait to hear many more from this amazing producer.

“Machine City” is available on Beatport at

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Tory has been involved in the electronic music scene for nearly 9 years. He has managed nightclubs, organized nightlife promotions. Currently he DJs at various venues and clubs. In addition to being part of Schulz Army, Tory is also a regular contributor to The Scene is Dead. In his free time, you can find Tory attending electronic music shows and festivals throughout the U.S. Music is his passion!

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