Review: Markus Schulz “Daybreak (Boom)”

Next Friday will start the best summer festival in the world, Tomorrowland. A little Belgian city of 175,00 people located between Brussels and Antwerp is about to welcome 90,000 people coming from all over the world to celebrate during three days their passion for EDM… and for some of them, trance! Most DJs are playing a 1 or 1.5 hour set, but not Markus Schulz. Two years ago, he was scheduled to play 12 hours and even played an extra half hour more. Last year he played both weekend 8 hours. This year, he will have a new challenge, to open the main stage on Sunday with an extended 3 hour set. This is called Daybreak Session, and it’s the name Markus choose for his July city series track, dedicated to this city of Boom! Markus will also close the trance stage on Friday.

“Daybreak (Boom)” the latest city series track by Markus Schulz has been road tested in his sets for quite some time. It appeared as an ID before its world premiere on the July 9th episode of Global DJ Broadcast.

About Fred Leonard

Fred Leonard is really passionate about electronic music. He started DJing when he was teenager in Liege area (Belgium) and used to play what is now called the Trance classic tracks. In 2010, after a long break, he came back to trance parties, not as DJ anymore, but as 'simple' trance fan jumping in the crowd, and is now going to many events all over the world to follow his favourite DJs, including of course Markus Schulz and other Coldharbour artists! Very active in social networks to spread his passion for trance music (he is owner of, in 2013 he joined the Transmission Ambassadors team and is helping at promotion of this European main trance event taking place at Prague and exported to other countries. In 2015 he also joined the Schulz Army Admin team.

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