Klauss Goulart - Bashert

Review: Klauss Goulart – Bashert (We’ll Meet Again)

In addition to his recent success with progressive house, i.e. his track “Young, Wild, and Free”, Brazilian DJ Klauss Goulart still continues to produce beautiful trance with powerful melodies. His new single, “Bashert”, has recently been a frequent flyer in Mr. Coldharbour’s sets. For fans who haven’t had the opportunity to see Schulz live, the folks at Coldharbour have provided plenty of opportunities to hear it on their weekly Global DJ Broadcast.

Bashert is a Yiddish word that means destined to be in-love with, or being with your one true soulmate. Thus explaining the immense level of emotions throughout this love story. That intensity can be felt in the beginning as the track immediately conjures up a warm emotion with its potent notes that’s pushed by a strong kick drum, accompanied by light horns. Then, a cymbal sweeps in for a washout breakdown that’s filled with a perfect combination of electronic sounds that generates an alluring reverberation of echoes. The smooth, airy synths provides an atmospheric feel where you cannot help but close your eyes while Goulart plays with your emotions through your ears. When we are ready to reach the climax of this musical romance, rapid chords starts to fire like a beating heart as quick riding cymbals, joined by a strong bassline, thrusts us towards love. After emotions are felt and released, everything comes together once more as the pads continues to create a spirited, progressive synth before the harmony fades into the beating of a drum.

With a subtitle like “We’ll Meet Again”, you can’t help but picture a Hollywood montage where you’re reunited into an old lover’s arms. This track doesn’t tell just one story, but everyone’s story who has ever felt love. Like his previous hit, “Absolute Chaos”, “Bashert” doesn’t depend on heavy drops for its energy and hooks fans with its consistent progression of euphoric melodies that builds up for an explosive release. I can see why Schulz has been so fond of this track. If you don’t want to wait for its release on Coldharbour Recordings, you can catch Goulart’s new track on the Ministry of Sound’s ‘Trance Nation’ compilation, which is also mixed by yours truly, Markus Schulz.

Trance Nation
CD: http://smarturl.it/TranceNationAmazon
iTunes: http://po.st/TranceNationMS

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