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Review: Scream Bus Tour Slaying at the Lizard Lounge in Dallas

Operation: Unicorn Slayer
Review of Markus Schulz – Lizard Lounge Dallas Show April 19, 2013

I boarded the plane to Dallas with high anticipation and excitement knowing that I was going to see Markus Schulz perform. This was my first Markus Schulz show, and it will not be my last. I posed with the SchulzArmy flag before the doors opened for the night and people really were receptive to me. I felt like a rock star or something like that. I got my ticket and went in shortly after 9.

The Lizard Lounge, for those who have never been, is a great club. The atmosphere is very gothic and full of energy. The staff was extremely nice to me. I managed to get a sneak peek of the Scream World Tour Merchandise (at that moment, we were not allowed to purchase anything yet as they were still getting situated). Having the SchulzArmy flag certainly made me feel proud. I had pictures galore taken of me holding it.

Being that the main floor wasn’t open just yet, we were ushered into the video room and was instantly greeted by monitors blazing visuals set to the music. I considered that a warm up of sorts.

Finally! We were all told that we could enter the main floor and we were allowed to purchase merchandise. First of all, I hit the merchandise area and purchased the Unicorn Slayer shirt, Markus Schulz tank top, and also a Scream CD for him to sign after the show. After I paid for the goodies ($45), I went to the main floor.

The local DJs who were in support of the show (Kids With Weapons, Johnny Funk) went first. Their sets were pretty good, but more techno styled mixed with familiar dance tunes. They played for a while for sure. During the Kids With Weapons set, the sound went out causing the crowd to be unhappy. The DJ looked mortified, but once the sound came back, the club was hopping again!

The M Machine Scream Bus Tour Dallas Lizard Lounge

The M Machine was next to perform. Now, I am not too familiar with their music, but I was highly impressed by their set. The music was brilliant. Lots of complex layers and sounds, highs, lows, and everything in between. On the LED screen, The M Machine’s logo was bright and bold. They apparently designed the graphics for the show. I have to say that the graphics had an industrial, Pink Floyd – The Wall, feel to them. People were having a great time!

Next, the Unicorn Slayer himself went on stage. The crowd went NUTS. When Markus said that the LED screen was so bright that it could give someone a suntan, he was not lying! His logo flashed brightly across the screen followed by the Scream World Tour logo. I felt the heat coming off that screen. Maybe I should have packed sunscreen as well?

His set was magical. He played Scream, Caught, Tempted, Fusion, Love Rain Down, Loops n Tings, Perception, and the ASOT 600 Anthem – The Expedition and other tunes. Someone was bouncing this gigantic orange/red inflatable dinosaur throughout the crowd. Markus managed to take this dino (more like confiscated it) and put his headphones on it. I never thought I would witness a Markus Schulz b2b with DJ Dino.

Markus Schulz Scream Bus Tour Lizard Lounge

A fan next to me threw a luchador mask at Markus. Markus was so happy that he put it on and continued his show for a few minutes before taking it off. The fan was so excited that he and I hopped up and down in happiness and I handed out #SchulzArmy bracelets to him and his friends.

Another highlight of the show was all these inflatable unicorns in the show. I have no idea where they all got them, but they were cute. Markus was handed one during the show, but he gave it right back to the fan.

Adina Butar was there for Caught. Her long hair was up in a high, sleek ponytail and she wore a USA themed bra with black leather looking leggings and her spiked heels. She is so beautiful, angelic even. During the song, she twirled, danced, and even blew kisses to me twice! Being that she is my favorite trance vocalist, I was totally blown away by that. I love her even more now!

Markus Schulz Scream Bus Tour Lizard Lounge

The end of his set was shortly after. I managed to get to the area where he was doing autographs and meeting fans. When I met him, I felt at ease. He made me feel important. I had him sign my SchulzArmy flag, Fluffy, the unicorn, the Scream CD, and a book. I also gave him my #SchulzArmy bracelet! I asked if Adina could come see me and Markus motioned for her to come down the stairs. I was about to take a picture of her and she told me that isn’t the way it is done. She took my camera, came up close to me, and took the picture herself of us. I told her that she was beautiful and she told me that I was too. Before I left, I made sure to give Markus a gigantic hug. Trust me, I did not even care that he was sweaty. I made sure to tell him thank you for being who he is.

I didn’t stick around for much of KhoMha’s set, but the beginning was spectacular. Needless to say, he has an incredible future ahead of him. Markus knows talent when he sees it!

Some of the crowd went outside to this hot dog vendor to get some hot dogs, water, snacks, etc… I met Ben Swardlick of The M Machine. He bought everyone hot dogs and cut up with us for a while. Funny guy!

Bottom line is this; Markus Schulz really is an amazing person. I am super glad to be a fan of his. I am even more grateful that he treats his fans like they are all special and important. His blue eyes sparkle and his smile is infectious. He says he finds inspiration from his fans. Well, after this set, he has inspired me.