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Review: Anske “Unleashed”

Anke is at it again. Another anthem graces our presence from his debut E.P. on Coldharbour Recordings. Following suit to its predecessor, the already acclaimed “Epika”, “Unleashed” takes things down to a deeper, darker place. He takes us on a stroll down dark and eerie pathways while our senses begin to tingle from the thought […]

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Review: Anske “Epika”

Hailing from Lithuania DJ/Producer Anske (real name Andrej Anskinas),has been on a roll, releasing one mega track after another. There is no wonder why “Epika” was instantly snatched up by the Coldharbour headquarters, as it fits in perfectly with all that the label itself represents. Dark, menacing and dynamic are some of the key attributes […]

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