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Review: Mr. Pit vs. Fisherman & Hawkins “Doppelbanger”

One of the most successful Romanian music producers, Mr. Pit is known for his energetic live DJ set and amazing original productions. He has remixed for some of the biggest talents in the electronic music world and has built a fantastic name for himself. Since signing with Coldharbour, this heavy hitter has taken off. Fisherman & Hawkins have been in the EDM scene for quite a while. Performing, producing and organizing events is what they have done over the past few years. Since late 2011 they decided to combine their forces on the production level and the tracks began to flow. Mr. Pit and Fisherman & Hawkins have shared many nights on stage together in the past year,  both contributing heavily to the Coldharbour Nights worldwide. Their friendship developed further with this collaboration in the studio which accents all the artists perfectly. The deep, dark and devilish, “Doppelbanger” was then born.




Right out of the gate “Doppelbanger” has a nice deep drive that lures you into the track almost immediately. The bass line used is so powerful while being subtle at the same time. About two minutes into this track the original drive softens out to a beautiful melodic creation that resonates through your ears. The notes used blend so well together it is almost indescribable. After this part of the track imprints into your brain you are brought right back into that dark drive that you’ll love. Once you finish riding that out you can’t help yourself other than to replay it again to take another journey through “Doppelbanger”.

Adrian, Isaac and Rob really outdid themselves when creating this track. Recently I incorporated “Doppelbanger” into one of my own sets and the crowd loved every second of this masterpiece as I suspected. Take a listen to the track below.

“Doppelbanger” is available on Beatport: Mr. Pit Vs Fisherman & Hawkins – Doppelbanger