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Review: James De Torres “Poseidon”

Age is nothing but a number when it comes to Spanish DJ James (Borja) De Torres. The Madrid native makes his sophomore production debut on M.I.K.E. Push Studios, a sub-label of Coldharbour Recordings. After spending 10 years mastering the musical strings of the violin, Torres love for awe-inspiring music eventually lead him to develop an ear for the sounds of trance.

Following his first release, “Monumental”, “Poseidon” displays Torres ability to create beautiful melodies that encompass the rhythm of the drum. The track starts off with quick rudiments that are soon engulfed by a revving synth. This creates a series of musical tides that crashes beautifully on the shores of our ears, as the cries of the sea howls in the background. It doesn’t take long for the track to pick up speed as it nears the breakdown. The driving momentum of the song, however, comes from the fluctuating percussions and sharp taps of the cymbal instead of electronic pads and keyboards. Despite all the heavy drum strokes that accumulates towards the climax, the percussions are not overpowering and perfectly compliments the euphoric tones. And unlike most songs with a powerful bass, the release does not lose its momentum after the drop. Instead of a basic banger drop, the snares and tom-tom gracefully transcends the drop into a groovy beat that is sure to get the dance floor moving. The electronic chords are the beautiful like magnificent sea, while the drums are the ripples that create violent waves, crashing with the wrath of Poseidon, emulating a musical tsunami.

James (Borja) De Torres

Torres unleashes a musical arsenal in his second track; there are a plethora of instruments and synths that are integrated into the song. The combined melodies feels like a musical ocean that washes over you. He does an excellent job using percussions as the backbone of the song that is perfectly balanced. Throughout the track, you can hear, and feel, a drummer working his artful craft on a drum kit, tapping the hi hats and kicking the kick drum. As he sets a high bar after his second release, the trance world is going to have to wait anxiously for his third production as Torres continues to grow into an international DJ.

“Poseidon” is available on Beatport:  James De Torres – Poseidon



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