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More Information Club Fate Partially Owned by Markus Schulz

Club Fate hosted it’s official grand opening in July 2013 and is owned by Ramzi Naber and Markus Schulz

John Lyons from Los Angeles designed the sound system and as Ramzi Naber says in the video it’s the, “Lamborghini of sound systems.”

One of the goals of the club was to provide the same atmosphere that South Beach would without paying the price of South Beach.

The featured menu item is sushi and Ramzi Naber said, “I don’t want to be the 5PM sushi place. I want to be the 8PM to 6AM sushi place.”

Whenever Markus Schulz is in Miami (which isn’t all that often) you can expect that he’ll make an appearance at the club. Grube & Hovsepian and KhoMha have been regular’s behind the decks at Club Fate.

Markus Schulz says in the video, “When I’m DJing and I’m playing, I’m playing from a dancers point of view. It’s like what do I want to hear next, what do I need to groove to. Even when I’m in the studio I focus in on those moments on the dance floor that kind of put the dance floor into a frenzy.”

There’s more in the video and it’s worth the six minutes to watch it here:

Here’s the August Trance Mission Thursdays schedule powered by Coldharbour:

August 2013 Club Fate Trance Mission Thursdays Club Fate

More information on Club Fate:





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