New Release: Memory Lane by Grube & Hovsepian featuring Vice

The most recent release out of Southern Florida today is “Memory Lane” featuring Vice by Grube & Hovsepian on Audio Cargo Recordings. Audio Cargo Recordings is is the first record label from The Schulz Music Group. In the press release about Audio Cargo they state, “The Schulz Music Group is proud to announce the lift-off of their first record label. SMG’s new imprint will afford the artist collective – as well as other vocalists and producers, a dedicated radio-angled music release platform.”

Tim Grube and Mike Hovsepian partnered with vocalist Vice to produce Memory Lane and it’s a track that Schulz Army members have likely heard before on Grube & Hovsepian Radio or an episode of Global DJ Broadcast. The original version of the track starts with a great beat as the vocals begin and progresses into more of a bouncy sound as you sing along “I’m walking down, I’m walking down memory lane.” The catchy and repetitive vocals are what make this track angled towards getting played on a radio station.

Depending on your tastes in music the real magic could be in the remixes which there are three of. Skytech delivers the beat that would fit perfect during a peak time set with some great energy as it builds up to the vocals that will have a spot in our memories when heard from the dance floor. That Skytech remix is what most have probably heard before end enjoyed. Elevation has two variations with a remix and a dub mix. The dub mix takes all of the vocals out of the track if that’s what you’re looking for and the remix focuses more on the vocals early on in the track before progressing into the beat behind it.

There’s probably a purist out there who’ll cringe reading “radio-angled music release platform” but we all need to admit that it’s a massive market for music and a great gateway towards those late night sets many of us enjoy. Do not be alarmed when you hear one of these tracks on your local radio station, it’s a great sign for dance music to have found a way into those playlists. Audio Cargo Recordings will certainly open up a new path for Schulz Music Group vocalists and producers to reach a new audience and expand their range of recordings.

The track will be available on Beatport and iTunes.

Original Mix:

Skytech Remix:

Elevation remix:

You can connect with Audio Cargo Recordings and the artists through these links:

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