New Release Review: Markus Schulz – Remember This

Markus Schulz has delivered another fantastic track, this time under W&W’s Mainstage Music label.

“Remember This” has a phenomenal sound from the very beginning. The build in this track is short and sweet, leading right into the speaker crunching sound that is a surefire way to get people buzzing at any show or festival. You can close your eyes and almost picture that huge Markus Schulz smile as he watches the crowd erupt to this blissful track.

The mid portion has an inspiring and invigorating sound that will uplift anyone listening to this track. As much as I liked the first minute with the hard-hitting festival sound, the middle and end of the track drew me in twice as much. You can feel the passion that was put into every bit of this by Markus Schulz.

“Remember This” is already making huge headway and after one listen any trance lover could understand why. I actually played this track at my show on Friday night and the club goers responded just as I thought they would, smiling faces and dancing feet. Thanks Markus for confirming yet again why we all love your music so much!

You can now purchase “Remember This” on Beatport by clicking here.

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