New Music Review: Klauss Goulart – Absolute Chaos E.P.

It’s a welcome return to a familiar face for regular Coldharbour Recordings followers. Klauss Goulart carves an E.P. full of grooves, energy and catchy melodies. With previous bangers under his belt such as “Turbulence” and “No Man’s Land”, Klauss Goulart presents his first work for the label in over two years.

The first track on this E.P. is “Absolute Chaos”. This track off the bat starts with a nice solid beat to draw you in before fizzling out and turning into a driven mid section. The thing that really brought this together for me personally was the hollow knocking sound overlaying the synth, a very nice touch. The last half of this track has a very big room sound. When I dropped this song at my last show the magic happened all through out the track, but the last-minute is when the dance floor erupted. Klauss is right on track with this song and it came together perfectly.

Next track is “Legions (Original Mix)” which will catch the attention of the big room lovers, with a tough rugged bassline and an unrelenting melody boasting plenty of power. I have to say, playing this at a venue on a professional sound system sounds amazing. This track is the definition of a driving dance beat. It kept the club goers moving and smiling when “Legions” was played during my set. Klauss also throws in a true trance fell at the end of the track which shows how much talent is within him. Not only do I see “Legions” as one of my favorites, but I see this song providing many smiles for crowds in the near future. Once again great work!

The last track on this E.P. “Nayana (Original Mix)” has the most true trance feel for me. Such a great way to showcase that Klauss has so many aspects of blissful sound to give. The first time I heard this track was during Global DJ Broadcast and I feel in love immediately. This track has my favorite build of any on the E.P.  This is what I like to call a “Hands Up” song. So many melodic harmonies just make you want to close your eyes and disappear into trance heaven. I can only hope to hear this song at a festival to get the true feel of what a song like this can do to a crowd. I actually closed my show last night with this song and it felt like everyone was amazed with the sound and the heart put into this track.

The Absolute Chaos E.P. is a great showcase of all the amazing talent that Klauss Goulart has. This E.P. I believe covers almost every sound of great trance there is. “Nayana” is my personal favorite but with these three tracks its hard to pick.

Take a listen below and be sure to purchase the Absolute Chaos E.P. on Beatport or iTunes.

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