New Music Review: M.I.K.E. – The Motive E.P.

Belgian producer M.I.K.E. is responsible for some of the most iconic moments in trance music, whether it is under his main alias, or the alter egos of Push or Plastic Boy. Fresh from contributing to Markus Schulz’s Buenos Aires ’13 compilation with Before Dawn, he presents his first E.P. of originals for Coldharbour Recordings with three tracks in his unique style.

“The Motive” is the first track on this E.P and what a way to start. This is such a driven track by M.I.K.E. Upon first listen it just engages your ears from start to finish. The mid section of this track is such an ear burner and  will only engage with the audience even more. After this great synth it leads right back into the driving energy that will for sure keep people moving the whole track.

“Spacesuit” is what I like to call a hair raiser. This a very deep and dark track. The melody is subtle at points but creeps in at the right moments to send that ever lasting chill up and down your spine. The way the mid section of this track leads into the last-minute and a half its outright perfection. After listening to this track and the previous you can really get a good grasp onto how talented and how much of a range M.I.K.E. has to offer.

To finish off this great E.P. the last track is “Mass Freedom”. You really get the M.I.K.E. sound we all know in this track. As you take the six-minute journey you can almost vision a huge crowd of people with their hands up embracing the everlasting sounds in this track. The numerous sounds incorporated into this track just fit perfectly and the flow in incredible.

M.I.K.E. did a great job with this E.P. and I really enjoyed every track. I played these tracks at my own show on Saturday night and the crowd reaction was exactly what I expected, phenomenal. I think the crowd favorite of the night was “Spacesuit” or “The Motive” but I thoroughly enjoyed incorporating all three into my set. These tracks really come to life over a professional sound system.

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