New Music Review: Dakota – CLXXV

Markus Schulz’s acclaimed Coldharbour Recordings label reaches another milestone, and in continuing with tradition, signifies the achievement with a production from the man himself. For release number 175, Markus delves into his clubbier, instrumental-driven Dakota alias, with a track aptly titled, CLXXV.

The track debuted in grand fashion during his solo set at Space in Miami during Winter Music Conference, and was an ever-present throughout the recent Scream 2 Bus Tour, along with becoming the most requested ID in his Global DJ Broadcast sets. After listening to this phenomenal track you can understand why it was his most requested ID. Right out of the gate CLXXV hits you in the face with a fist full of musical love! This incredible drive is something that will hit the hearts and feet of every clubber and festival goer within ears reach. You can can really hear everything that embodies Markus Schulz, deep rolling bass lines with soulful melodies. This track is a perfect combination of the driving sounds we crave and the uplifting melodies we need. After this track plays you will love Markus Schulz aka Dakota even more. 

I had the chance to close out my set with CLXXV last night and it was a perfect ending to an incredible night! This track sounds like pure bliss over a professional sound systems and I soon found myself staring at a sea on smiles.

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Tory has been involved in the electronic music scene for nearly 9 years. He has managed nightclubs, organized nightlife promotions. Currently he DJs at various venues and clubs. In addition to being part of Schulz Army, Tory is also a regular contributor to The Scene is Dead. In his free time, you can find Tory attending electronic music shows and festivals throughout the U.S. Music is his passion!

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