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Ahead of Coldharbour Recordings night next Friday, in this video Markus Schulz gives the lowdown on its history – plus why he chose each act for this special occasion! Tickets going fast:

The lineup for that night will include KhoMha, M.I.K.E. Push, Beat Service, Mr.Pit and Venom One.

The Gallery Club stated

Promising the dark and devilish sound on which our international resident has become famed, but executed by these future heroes of the scene.

Mentored by Markus since the fledgling stages of his career, KhoMha returns after last July’s critically acclaimed Gallery debut. Impressing that night with a tumultuous blend of trance, progressive and tech, his inimitable sound is one which cannot be pigeonholed. Hence why the KhoMha experience is so engaging, combining the driving aspects of all genres into one soul shaking package.

Whether under Push, Plastic Boy or tonight’s pseudonym of M.I.K.E., The Belgian superstar’s anthemic tracks have been responsible for The Gallery’s most defining moments. “The Legacy,” “Twixt” and “Sunrise At Palamos” amongst others, M.I.K.E. is not one to rest on his laurels. A recent acquisition to the Coldharbour crew, sees his new label productions represent the darker side of tech-trance.

After a critically acclaimed Gallery debut last August, Beat Service has gone from strength to strength. This year saw the launch of new show “Beat Service Radio”, which is fast building a devoted fan base – and the perfect platform to spread his chunky trance worldwide.

Finally two debuts, affirming The Gallery’s resolve to blood hot new talent. Mr.Pit will impress with his inimitable style, which featured on a recent flagship mix for the Coldharbour Sessions  Podcast. The Venom One duo is sure to air new track “Revolution” a collaboration with Markus which has been a regular request in all recent sets.

The Gallery and Coldharbour Recordings. It’s going to be hot…

Be sure to check out the video below and for those of you attending this epic night, enjoy!

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