Review: Markus Schulz featuring Lady V – Winter Kills Me

“Winter Kills Me” highlights Markus Schulz’s second collaboration with Grammy Award-winning songwriter and vocalist Victoria Horn, who descended into the hearts of many Coldharbour followers thanks to her emotional emission on the ‘Scream 2’ stalker anthem sequel, “Erase You”.

From the get go this track lures you in with a driving but melodic beat. Once that amazing sound ends, Lady V’s voices literally resonates and reverberates through every orphisis in your body. Her vocals can on be described as bone chilling  mixed with a calming wave. You can’t help to feel anything other that happiness and joy. Markus perfectly matches Lady V’s amazing voice with his uplifting beat. This track truly showcases how fantastic of an artist he is. While listening to this I could help but to close my eyes and just hear this resonating through out Transmission in Prague. What an amazing moment it must have been.


A year in the making, ‘Winter Kills Me’ was carefully crafted and held in reserve for the most tender of moments in Markus’ tour schedule. The final track of his 2014 residency at Amnesia in Ibiza, the final track of his last ever appearance at Toronto’s iconic Guvernment, and the final track at his ambassadorial home of Transmission in Prague; all defined by this soul-inducing melody and vocal. Moments which will be remembered for life.

Markus Schulz feat. Lady V “Winter Kills Me” was released on December 1st and has been quickly moving up the Beatport Trance 100 chart. Currently the original track  is at #34, the Fisherman & Hawkins’ remix is at #15 and  Paul Oakenfold’s remix just entered the chart at #99.

You can purchase the track on Beatport or iTunes and it’s also available to listen to on Spotify:



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