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Review: ‘Watch The World’ Acoustic Tracks

News of a new artist album by Markus Schulz has been brewing for quite some time now. If you have had a chance to attend one of his sets in this past couple of years, you have been paying attention to the IDs. Not to mention the ID teases in the Global DJ Broadcast. Once the date of April 29th, 2016 was announced, and the release of the acoustic versions of the album on YouTube, the anticipation of the album was upon us.

The ability to get all of the acoustic versions with a Pre-Order on iTunes as well as access on Spotify has been great. Other than the normal interview or article about the album, the Unicorn Slayer has been gracious enough to share back stories of the tracks via Facebook Live videos.  From his passion through creative writing to the ideas shared with vocalists and co-writers, you can tell Markus has put his heart and soul into the album.

For all of us who enjoy trance and the melodies, it makes complete sense to start with acoustic versions of the tracks. “In the Night” featuring Brooke Tomlinson tells a beautiful story of a relationship struggles highlighted beautifully by Brooke’s vocals.  “Love Me Like You Never Did” featuring Ethan Thompson continues the story telling, but the journey through the vocals as well as the music itself keeps you compelled.

It was nice to listen to the acoustic version of “Destiny” after loving the trance version released over a year ago. This different version gives you a new perspective on the track entirely. Without becoming a broken record, the vocals from everybody on this album are fantastic. Please take the time to listen and digest the acoustic versions before you find yourself engrossed in the trance versions.


Event Review: Markus Schulz Open to Close Set at Avalon Hollywood

With the upcoming FIRST open to close set by Markus Schulz in Houston, Texas approaching, it is time to review the Open to Close set at Avalon Hollywood February 27-28 that blew my mind. Despite being a fan of the Unicorn Slayer for close to 10 years, this Open to Close experience was my first. Granted not the first time witnessing the man spinning, it was highly anticipated. From the previous reviews from Schulz Army, Trance Family, and Markus himself, missing a night/morning at Avalon Hollywood was not to be missed. As someone who has lived in Arizona for the majority of my life, knowing the history of Markus and Phoenix has been in the back of my mind. The set at Maya Dayclub/Nightclub in Scottsdale, Arizona January 16th was great, and it was ONLY 4 hours, granted Nifra got the party going right away.

Markus Schulz Avalon Hollywood 3

After all of the planning, the day finally came to hop on a flight, Uber to the area, and wait for another Schulz Army member to join me. Despite following other groups/artists in the past, the Trance Family really feels like a family. This is has been explained before, so no need to elaborate more. As predicted, the lines began early, and stretched around the blocks surrounding Avalon. The good news was that the wait was relatively short once the doors opened. The night was young, but you could feel the energy in the room already. The Schulz Army and Trance Family were ready to party, and like I make it throughout the journey Markus announced on the microphone. The first couple of hours got the party warmed up, and then you could tell as the club was pretty filled, Markus was ready to take it up a notch.

Markus Schulz Avalon Hollywood 1

Markus did NOT disappoint playing some new Coldharbour family tracks mixed in with other favorites produced by the man himself. The aerialists, the distribution of glowsticks, and the fun being had by all throughout Avalon was invigorating. Meeting other family added to the atmosphere along with again consideration by others. Everybody was there to dance and enjoy the music. Yes, there was exhaustion throughout the night, but don’t underestimate the power of drinking water. Obviously, the goal is to stay throughout the night, so once the infamous “Rabbit Hole” was announced by Markus it was time to return to the dance floor after a short break to rest the feet.

Markus Schulz Avalon Hollywood 5

Don’t get me wrong, the entire journey musically throughout the night is wonderful, but I FOREVER want to go down the Rabbit Hole with Markus Schulz. Just when you think you can’t continue, another great track is played by Markus giving you another wind to continue. The love of the music and anticipation of what Markus will play next keeps you longing to stay lost in the beats. If you ever have the chance to witness one or more of these legendary Open to Close sets by Markus Schulz, DO IT!

Here’s two hours from his 11 hour open to close set at Avalon Hollywood.

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