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Album Review: Markus Schulz Scream 2

After the huge success of the ‘Scream’ album, what better way to make another huge statement than to release ‘Scream 2’. I have to say everyone will be loving this album. Markus has made some amazing additions to the trance world with these tracks. Whether teamed up with some amazing talent or just the slayer by himself, each track will give you an in-depth view into the genius mind of Markus Schulz.

Let’s start this album review off with the track “Reloaded”. The beginning is great with an amazing melody that will just set the mood for the experience that is coming. This melody leads right into a very uplifting beat that seamlessly melts into the steady flow. Before you know it that beautiful melody is back ringing through your ears before dropping you right back into a fantastic drive. “Reloaded” is not to hard and not to soft but just right!

“Revolution” is a great vocal track that features Chris Madin. The way Chris sings these vocals will send chills down your spine. Just as you think this can’t get any better, Markus Schulz teams up with Venom One to create a phenomenal beat to accompany Chris Madin’s vocals. For me, I can see this played often at festivals to come!

“Blown Away” features Liz Primo and what can really be said about this creation other than, wow. This track to me is an emotional tugger and will really bring out the feelings in the listeners. With that being said, Markus continues to blow us away every time he shares his musical love with us. Liz Primo’s unique voice is a great addition and gives “Blown Away” a nice edge.

For me “Remember This” is one of my favorites on the album. I have been inspired by this track since the first time I heard it. There are so many great things going on here and from first hand experience this “Remember This” is simply amazing when heard on a professional sound system. I have used this track at my own shows and always get a positive response from the crowd. When your ears hear “Remember This”, it is like a signal is immediately sent to the muscles in your face that make you smile. Such a great addition to ‘Scream 2′.

“Erase You” is another favorite for me. Lady V (aka Victoria Horn) absolutely crushes the vocals and really brings a new breath of life to this track. After being dubbed the sequel to the “Stalker Anthem”, you really are told such an interesting story from start to finish. I found myself creating a music video in my head while listening. “Erase You” is so strong and direct that’s what I love about Markus Schulz and trance music. The way Markus and Lady V convey a message throughout this song is so skillful and precise, all while creating a masterpiece.

“Destino” and “Dancing in the Key of Life” have a very mystical sound to them from start to finish. They suck you in without you even knowing and I found myself really picking them apart and enjoying the sounds. Along with so many other of Markus’ creations, his sounds just envelop you and make every worry disappear and turn into enjoyment. These two are no different.

For “Lord Knows”, Markus Schulz teams up with Liz Horsman to deliver a mind bending track that includes fantastic vocals. From the first moment you hear Liz’s voice you cannot do anything but give your full attention to the track. As you set sail throughout the ups and downs, Markus transitions you slowly. This track gives you the feeling of floating in and out of reality in a good way!

“Fireworks” has a special place in my heart because two of my favorite artists collaborated on this track. Any music that has the name Klauss Goulart or Markus Schulz associated with it is always amazing. Combine them both with Paul Aiden and you get legendary. These vocals will literally grab your attention no matter what mood you’re in. Paul Aiden gradually leads you into a hard-hitting happy drive that will take over your soul. I cannot wait to hear this played at the many festivals coming up over spring and summer. Klauss, Markus and Paul have really outdone themselves with this one!

Markus Schulz Approved Press Photo.web

“In the Shadows” is such a deep track, it’s like Markus reached deep down inside, pulled that guttural emotion out and smeared it all over this. There is so much substance expressed within only a few minutes. It is amazing how this creation can really envelop you while still drawing you further and further in. I can only imagine a crowd reaction upon hearing “In the Shadows” at a Markus show. That big Markus smile we all fall in love with is sure to be making an appearance while this is played.

Adina Butar has also made an appearance on the album with “Muse”. Adina has a way of taking any track to the next level with her ground shaking vocals. When you get Markus Schulz making the beats and Adina serenading you with vocals there is no going wrong. “Muse” is a stunning song that really showcases both of their talents. This will have the vocals and beat marinating in your head long after the track has finished. Such a great addition to the ‘Scream 2’ album.

Markus and CeCe Peniston have teamed up on ‘Scream 2’ to create “Make You Fall”. This track has fun written all over it. The vocals from CeCe are very refreshing and upbeat, exciting you for what’s to come. Without a hesitation Markus pulls it all together with one of the funnest beats on the album. This is such a great dance track and will really make you bounce in your seat the whole time you listen. I love seeing this side of Markus Schulz and love how he expresses it!

Up until this point I thought I had picked my favorites, this all changed when I heard “Mango”. This track is amazing! The lead build is simply perfection and transitions so well into an immaculate drive. This drive is so hard and at the same time so different. The sound of “Mango” will immediately draw you in and spin you around in a trance wonderland created by Markus Schulz. No unicorn can fly fast enough to escape the slaying that happens from beginning to end. I can see “Mango” exploding onto the scene and taking over shows creating so many memorable experiences for everyone.

Following “Mango” is another strong addition to the album,”Mardi Gras”.  This track really comes alive for me during the midpoint. You just get lost in the synth and just keep floating away until the musical conductor, Markus Schulz decides its time for you to be reeled back to earth. There also is a point where you hear a hollow, almost echoing noise that is really interesting and not like any sound I’ve heard. Things like this and so many other high points within “Mardi Gras” really makes the track stand out!

“Gravity” featuring Amy Kirkpatrick can be summed up with one word, beautiful. Amy’s voice is so angelic and meshes so well with the foundation that Markus provides. “Gravity” is such a fitting name because that’s the only thing that will keep you grounded while listening. This masterpiece makes you want to grab your closest friend or loved one and just melt away together. This will be such an emotional piece for so many people and cant wait to see the love spread from “Gravity”.

“Reflection” is very interesting and has a theme feel to the sound and placement of everything going on. I could see this track being used on trance festival after movies and videos. “Reflection” really made me think while I was listening to it and before I knew it I was reminiscing in my head different shows I’ve been to and reliving why I feel in love with trance. Markus has subtly but efficiently created a track that will make you relive your love for music.

Last but not least, Markus Schulz and Rex Mundi have teamed up to create a great banger. “Towards the Sun” is very uplifting but at the same time makes you just want to move your feet. The title is perfect because with these two artists collaborating, heaven is not that far out of reach. Great job on this one!

Markus Schulz has opened up and let us into his world yet again with ‘Scream 2’. Listening to this album has been very enjoyable and I look forward to experiencing some of these tracks at the upcoming shows and festivals that I will be attending. I’ll be using a lot of these at my very own shows to spread the word of trance and how Markus Schulz is a constant positive influence in my life and others!

Markus Schulz’s artist album ‘Scream 2’ will be released today, February 21st!

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Scream 2 Tracklist:
01. Markus Schulz – Reloaded
02. Markus Schulz – Revolution (with Venom One feat. Chris Madin)
03. Markus Schulz – Blown Away (feat. Liz Primo)
04. Markus Schulz – Remember This
05. Markus Schulz – Erase You (feat. Lady V)
06. Markus Schulz – Destino
07. Markus Schulz – Muse (feat. Adina Butar)
08. Markus Schulz – Dancing In The Key Of Life
09. Markus Schulz – Lord Knows (feat. Liz Horsman)
10. Markus Schulz – Fireworks (with Klauss Goulart feat. Paul)
11. Markus Schulz – In The Shadows
12. Markus Schulz – Make You Fall (feat. CeCe Peniston)
13. Markus Schulz – Mango
14. Markus Schulz – Mardi Gras
15. Markus Schulz – Gravity (feat. Amy Kirkpatrick)
16. Markus Schulz – Reflection
17. Markus Schulz – Towards The Sun (with Rex Mundi)

Markus Schulz – Scream 2 (Album Teaser)

Markus Schulz feat. Adina Butar “Muse”

Behind the scenes of Scream 2:

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