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Schulz Army Week in Review November 18, 2014

Back with another week in review after missing last weeks.

“Remember This” by Markus Schulz continues rising up the charts. It’s currently #1 on the Beatport trance chart and as of writing this at #37 on the Beatport top 100. Read our review of this memorable and melodic tune here.

KhoMha has released his Hydra E.P. that features three tracks, Hydra, Drummer and Kadence. Here’s our review and purchase links.

Lange will be hosting Intercity 150 on Wednesday, November 20 when he takes over AfterHoursFM for a full 24 hours. Markus Schulz will have a guest mix during the 24 hour broadcast. Once the times are released we’ll let everyone know. Full details here.

Interested in Schulz Army merchandise for an upcoming show? Check out our tour dates page to make sure you order in time!

Contests ending this week:

Enter here to win tickets and meet & greet with Grube & Hovsepian, KhoMha and Beat Service in San Francisco on November 21.

Enter here to win tickets to Coldharbour Night with Grube & Hovsepian, KhoMha and Beat Service in LA on November 22.

Even Ferry Corsten sports a #SchulzArmy Down the Rabbit Hole We Go bracelet:


New World Punx played a four hour set in Washington DC.

If you missed the recording of the New World Punx from EDC Orlando you can listen to it here.

Over on Beatport Mr. Pit posted his November 2013 chart.

Here’s Global DJ Broadcast from November 14, 2014:

Global DJ Broadcast – Nov 14 2013 by Markus Schulz on Mixcloud

Grube & Hovsepian Radio November 12, 2014

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/119792836″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Fisherman & Hawkins have a new radio show that airs every third Friday of the month. Here’s episode two:

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/120308867″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

The track “Carry On” by Markus Schulz has been remixed by Solis & Sean Truby and debuted this week. No word on a release date yet.

New Release Review: KhoMha – Hydra E.P.

KhoMha remains as one of the most exciting new talents of dance music and the year 2013 will have provided the Colombian wonder with plenty of memories. The Hydra E.P. rounds off an incredible 12 months for Mr. Roberto Alzate Pasos. With several Coldharbour Nights before the year rounds out, he isn’t finished on his pursuit of ascension just yet.

“Hydra” is a good track from the get-go. With a nice initial build, this track goes into a minimal preview of the end of the track. The synth sound in particular is very  inspiring. It’s what I like to call a “hands up”  sound and after one listen you can understand why. The second build in this track is where it really started to happen for me. After the drop you can hear the original line from the first portion of the track with a big room sound added. Overall I would say this is a solid track by KhoMha.

The next track on E.P. is “Drummer”. This track is a very driving, with a sound that you just want to hear on an impressive festival sound system. Again, KhoMha impresses with another great mid line to this track. The musical engineering going on here is quite impressive. KhoMha makes musical masterpieces like this really come to life with his never-ending twists that will keep drawing you in for another listen. I have to admit, I listened to this track a few times and each time I heard something different that made the track better. I see this becoming the base for some great trance remixes.

Now on to the last track “Kadence”, which is one of my personal favorites on this E.P. From the beginning this track has festival and club written all over it. This is one of those tracks, that when played the crowd will just erupt. The first 60 seconds of this track is the definition of what a driving beat is. When the mid synth kicks in you can’t help but to smile when you here the magic happening in your ears. Once that drive is over, “Kadence” kicks back in with a similar beat as to the first minute but with a more hollowed out punching sound. I see this track becoming a staple at many festivals and clubs as a go to trance track.

This E.P. is perfect for every listener. No matter what you are looking for it can be found in the Hydra E.P. I played each of these tracks at my show last night and the crowd reaction was very good. The two tracks that seemed to hit it off the most was “Kadence” and “Drummer”.

Great job on the Hydra E.P. KhoMha!

You can purchase the Hydra E.P. on Beatport by clicking here.