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Review: New World Punx “Bang”

A few years ago Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten joined forces and formed New World Punx, a name that derives from each artist’s hit signature track (Markus Schulz with “The New World” and Ferry Corsten with “Punk”). As individual artists they have seen some of the highest recognition in their field. Both pioneers in creating a defining and unique sound that has separated them from the masses within the industry. Set on leaving their footprint in the industry pavement as a duo, they began collaborating in the studio and performing together as New World Punx at various events around the world. After a successful array of heavy hitters under their belt which include “Romper”, “Torque”,”Pullover”, “Memories” featuring Cara Salimando plus a few other tracks performed during live sets, the creative minds of the dynamic duo have just released their latest track “Bang”.

Just as the title “Bang” suggests, it’s pure dynamite immediately from the very first seconds of the track. The listener instantly feels themselves captivated by the beat, adrenaline coursing through their veins as the race is on. The heavy percussion and infectious vocal phrase urges the listener to start moving almost hypnotically like a slave to the rhythm. The massive drum beat sets the pace as the epic lead sweeps in, infused by electro hybrid fragments elevating the senses and endorphins. This combination has all the right components just as the styles of the two artists have blended, in a perfect amalgamation of sound showcasing each one’s signature sound and influences thus creating the perfect beat.

Guaranteed to destroy any dance floor worldwide to shreds, “Bang” is quite an understatement to the vast magnitude of this one!

New World Punx “Bang” is available on Beatport or iTunes.

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