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New World Punx Bang

Review: New World Punx “Bang”

A few years ago Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten joined forces and formed New World Punx, a name that derives from each artist’s hit signature track (Markus Schulz with “The New World” and Ferry Corsten with “Punk”). As individual artists they have seen some of the highest recognition in their field. Both pioneers in creating a defining and unique sound that has separated them from the masses within the industry. Set on leaving their footprint in the industry pavement as a duo, they began collaborating in the studio and performing together as New World Punx at various events around the world. After a successful array of heavy hitters under their belt which include “Romper”, “Torque”,”Pullover”, “Memories” featuring Cara Salimando plus a few other tracks performed during live sets, the creative minds of the dynamic duo have just released their latest track “Bang”.

Just as the title “Bang” suggests, it’s pure dynamite immediately from the very first seconds of the track. The listener instantly feels themselves captivated by the beat, adrenaline coursing through their veins as the race is on. The heavy percussion and infectious vocal phrase urges the listener to start moving almost hypnotically like a slave to the rhythm. The massive drum beat sets the pace as the epic lead sweeps in, infused by electro hybrid fragments elevating the senses and endorphins. This combination has all the right components just as the styles of the two artists have blended, in a perfect amalgamation of sound showcasing each one’s signature sound and influences thus creating the perfect beat.

Guaranteed to destroy any dance floor worldwide to shreds, “Bang” is quite an understatement to the vast magnitude of this one!

New World Punx “Bang” is available on Beatport or iTunes.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/233644586″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]



Video: New World Punx Feat. Cara Salimando “Memories”

The duo New World Punx (aka Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten) released their latest track “Memories” today, March 9th, via ‘New World Punx Music’ through Black Hole Recordings. Featuring the emotionally charged voice of Cara Salimando, this is the New World Punx’s first official vocal track. Prior to the release, New World Punx has been busy road testing this single during their recent solo and joint sets worldwide. This track is will clearly dominate their sets over the coming months during the 2015 festival season including their recently confirmed appearance at Coachella 2015.

Watch the official “Memories” video here:

Purchase “Memories” on Beatport or iTunes.

Upcoming New World Punx Tour Dates:

April 11Coachella – Indio, CA

April 17 – Life at SLS – Las Vegas, NV

April 18Coachella – Indio, CA


Premiere of New World Punx Track Feat. Cara Salimando “Memories”

New World Punx (aka Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten) were recently confirmed to perform at Coachella 2015. In advance of the festival they’ve teamed up with Coachella to offer their fans a sneak preview of their newest single “Memories” featuring Cara Salimando on vocals. This is the first official vocal track from New World Punx. They’ve been busy road testing this single during their recent solo and joint sets worldwide. This track is will clearly dominate their sets over the coming months during the 2015 festival season. “Memories” will be released on March 9th via ‘New World Punx Music’ through Black Hole Recordings.


Preorder on iTunes: Memories – New World Punx (feat. Cara Salimando) – Single


Upcoming New World Punx Tour Dates:

April 11Coachella – Indio, CA

April 17 – Life at SLS – Las Vegas, NV

April 18Coachella – Indio, CA


Coldharbour Partners With Black Hole

Directly from www.coldharbourrecordings.com:

Spanning 200 releases over the past decade, IDMA-nominated Coldharbour Recordings has captured the hearts and imagination of many fans within the electronica domain. And its storied tale undertakes a new chapter beginning in 2015 – joining the family at Black Hole distribution.

The label, founded by DJ Times & Pioneer America’s Best DJ for 2014, Markus Schulz, has been heralded for its quality of releases through various genres, combined with the talent contained by its roster depth. Along with being the home of the Miami native’s appraised singles (the latest being the incredible Winter Kills Me featuring Lady V), talents such as KhoMha, Grube & Hovsepian, Nifra, M.I.K.E. Push, Mr. Pit and Rex Mundi continue to prominently feature in the playlists of many top-tiered DJs.

Black Hole Recordings, already housing Markus’ New World Punx Music label alongside Ferry Corsten, boasts a rich history of success and adulation in our scene. Their strategy and efforts will further increase Coldharbour’s continued development, with more label event nights coming than ever before.

The partnership begins in January, and among the first releases is the anthemic Skypunch by Dutch duo Fisherman & Hawkins. This will be complimented with EPs from Danilo Ercole and Solid Stone, and the centrepiece of the label will focus on Markus’ exciting project spanning the entire year – dedicating a new production each and every month to a particular city of inspiration.

This is bound to be nothing short of amazing.

Upcoming releases:

January 19: Markus Schulz – Bayfront (Miami)
January 26: Fisherman & Hawkins – Skypunch
February 09: Markus Schulz Pres. Coldharbour Selections: Part 38

Interview: Schulz Army Catches Up with Beat Service

Schulz Army had the opportunity to speak to Madis Sillamo AKA Beat Service during a recent Coldharbour Night in Los Angeles.  Beat Service is known for some of his top tracks on Coldharbour Recordings like “Fortuna”, “Outside” and his remix of “Nothing Without Me” also called by fans “Stalker Anthem”.  He recently has joined Schulz Music Group and is starting to be included on the Coldharbour Night lineups.

Schulz Army: You’re from Estonia, travelled half way around the world to get here. Is it worth it?
Beat Service: Absolutely! You cannot compare traveling around the world to a 9 to 5 job. It’s my dream come true job! It’s 200% worth it.

Schulz Army: What are your influences in trance music?
Beat Service: I started out as a mainstream DJ back in 1999 and I did it for about 5 or 6 years. I was listening to German trance like Kai Tracid and VooDoo & Serrano. I think that Paul van Dyk and Gouryella (who actually included Ferry Corsten) were my first influences. But back then I was listening to this music but I couldn’t play it out because the crowd demanded commercial stuff, so I was a commercial DJ. I was actually true to trance already, but it took me a while. So yeah influences, absolutely Ferry Corsten, Gouryella, System F, everything from Ferry’s earlier days are my absolute favorites. And Armin.


Schulz Army: Congrats on the release of another great track, “Undercover”.
Beat Service: We released it on a Monday and by Friday it was 13, and hoping to see it on the top 10. This is probably one of my last singles to come because I am working on my album. I am slowing down the singles production. I am going to focus on my album which is going to be released around May or June. It’s exciting.
Schulz Army: That is exciting! That’s a lot of tracks.
Beat Service: Yeah, 14 tracks. I am thinking I can have 50/50, vocal tracks and instrumental tracks. Let’s see how it goes. It is a work in progress. You never know what’s going to happen. I am extremely excited. I have so many talented singers on my album. I can’t mention them. Yea, it’s going to be a big one, absolutely!

Download on Beatport: Undercover
Download on iTunes: Undercover

Download on Beatport: Arcade
Download on iTunes: Arcade

Schulz Army: You’re now a key part of Coldharbour Night. 
Beat Service: I think so!
Schulz Army: How did you originally connect with Markus Schulz and Coldharbour?
Beat Service: Markus was one of the first DJs that supported my music. It happened back in 2007 with a track called “Nectar”. I signed it with a label from Romania, Ask4 Records. Markus picked it up and played it out. And I thought, this could be something for me, my path for the future. I love Markus… he’s my hero! He’s a good guy!
Schulz Army: And thanks to him we know your music! What sets Coldharbour Night apart from when you’re doing your own headlining shows?
Beat Service: The music I play is pretty much the same. I consider myself a big part of the Coldharbour team. It doesn’t matter if it is a Coldharbour Night or a solo night for me, I always stand up for the Coldharbour sound. Coldharbour is the one for me even though I have my own label, we do work together. We license each other’s tracks. It’s like a family thing.


Beat Service has been to Canada 10 times or more to places like Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal and each time the crowd has managed to surprise him, “They have a really good crowd.” He says that, “My best memories are definitely from Montreal. Last year I had a gig at Bal en Blanc with 15,000 people. It was amazing being there with Markus, Ferry, Armin. You’re there with your all time favorite DJs.”  Beat Service was recently back in Montreal having celebrated his first New Year’s Eve gig as a DJ at Circus Afterhours. In the past he had always spent New Year’s eve with his family. He also was excited about his recent debut show in Toronto that was at Toika. Beat Service has several upcoming shows in Canada planned in Ottawa and Edmonton.

Upcoming Events:

Event Date Venue Location Tickets
Coldharbour Night with Beat Service, Grube & Hovsepian, M.I.K.E., Klauss Goulart 1/18/2014 Avalon Los Angeles, CA http://bit.ly/CLHRAvalon
This is Trancemission featuring Beat Service 1/24/2014 ERA Ottawa, Canada http://bit.ly/1eHqawP
Coldharbour Night with Beat Service, Grube & Hovsepian 1/25/2014 Encore Edmonton, Canada Tickets are only available at the door!
Coldharbour Night with Beat Service, Grube & Hovsepian, KhoMha, Mr. Pit 2/22/2014 KL TOWER Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia http://on.fb.me/IOREa4
Trancefusion 4/19/2014 Industrial Palace Prague, Czech Republic http://bit.ly/1dF7y0s
Beat Service 6/7/2014 WesterUnie Amsterdam, Netherlands Not on sale yet

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Follow Beat Service:
Website  Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Beat Service Radio | SoundCloud | iTunes | Beatport | Instagram  

Schulz Army Week in Review November 18, 2014

Back with another week in review after missing last weeks.

“Remember This” by Markus Schulz continues rising up the charts. It’s currently #1 on the Beatport trance chart and as of writing this at #37 on the Beatport top 100. Read our review of this memorable and melodic tune here.

KhoMha has released his Hydra E.P. that features three tracks, Hydra, Drummer and Kadence. Here’s our review and purchase links.

Lange will be hosting Intercity 150 on Wednesday, November 20 when he takes over AfterHoursFM for a full 24 hours. Markus Schulz will have a guest mix during the 24 hour broadcast. Once the times are released we’ll let everyone know. Full details here.

Interested in Schulz Army merchandise for an upcoming show? Check out our tour dates page to make sure you order in time!

Contests ending this week:

Enter here to win tickets and meet & greet with Grube & Hovsepian, KhoMha and Beat Service in San Francisco on November 21.

Enter here to win tickets to Coldharbour Night with Grube & Hovsepian, KhoMha and Beat Service in LA on November 22.

Even Ferry Corsten sports a #SchulzArmy Down the Rabbit Hole We Go bracelet:


New World Punx played a four hour set in Washington DC.

If you missed the recording of the New World Punx from EDC Orlando you can listen to it here.

Over on Beatport Mr. Pit posted his November 2013 chart.

Here’s Global DJ Broadcast from November 14, 2014:

Global DJ Broadcast – Nov 14 2013 by Markus Schulz on Mixcloud

Grube & Hovsepian Radio November 12, 2014

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/119792836″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Fisherman & Hawkins have a new radio show that airs every third Friday of the month. Here’s episode two:

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/120308867″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

The track “Carry On” by Markus Schulz has been remixed by Solis & Sean Truby and debuted this week. No word on a release date yet.

Intercity 150 Featuring 24 Hours and 24 Artists

Lange will reach a new milestone with his Intercity radio show at 150 episodes and will host a 24 hour show on AfterHoursFM featuring 24 of the biggest names in trance music. The show will air on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 from midnight until midnight. You’ll be able to tune in at www.ah.fm/player or search AfterHoursFM in the Apple or Google stores to download for your smartphone. We’ll make sure to post reminders closer to the date as well as what time the Markus Schulz mix will be broadcast.

Here’s the time slots:

Intercity150 2013 Time Slots

The 24 artists over the course of 24 hours features:

Alex M.O.R.P.H.
Andrew Rayel
Andy Moor
Betsie Larkin
Daniel Kandi
Ferry Corsten
Giuseppe Ottaviani
John O’Callaghan
Johnny Yono
Kyau & Albert
Markus Schulz
Max Graham
Myon and Shane 54
Noah Neiman
Orjan Nilsen Official Fanpage
Paul Oakenfold
Paul Van Dyk
Simon Patterson
Stephen Kirkwood
Super8 & Tab

Here’s the flyer:

Intercity 150 2013 24 hours

Tickets On Sale for New World Punx at Echostage

Echostage is where Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten say that it all began for the New World Punx. On November 10, 2012 they played a 7 hour set and they’ll be returning for another long set on November 16, 2013. An extended set with these two is the best way to experience what they’re capable of.

Tickets are now on sale here: http://bit.ly/NWPEchoStageNov16

You can listen to over five hours of that 2012 set here:

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/67505665″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

New World Punx November 16 2013 Echostage

Recap of Over Three Hours with Markus Schulz on Twitter

This week Markus Schulz logged into Twitter with a free hour on his hands for another round of questions and answers and it turned into three and a half hours before Twitter put him in “Twitter jail.” Within the first 30 minutes he had over 500 unopened tweets. Just like his DJ sets he’ll go as long as he’s allowed to.

A lot of great questions and dialogue. Sorry we couldn’t reference everyone’s question below but when you read yours you’ll recognize it. The format we’ve taken with this recap, like the others, is to start with what was asked and the reply from Markus Schulz after in quotes. We’ve also tried to organize the questions into these categories: random, favorites, DJ Mag Top 100, venues, city compilation, Tomorrowland, music, upcoming and possible cities, solo sets, New World Punx and Fate Nightclub.

Markus Schulz July 15 Twitter Q&A


A fan started out writing: I just want to say thank you a million times. You are one of us. We are you on the dance floor. Amazing person and DJ/producer. Markus replied with, “This is the thing I can’t stress enough. I love being on either side of the booth so I can understand the feelings of the fans.”

The best thing about being a DJ? “The ability to connect with fans, meet them in person and become friends.”

Fans in Egypt are concerned about Markus making it there for the Future Sound of Egypt 300 event and Markus responded, “It’s one of the most important shows of the summer and I will do everything to be there. Egypt fans have waited for me to come.” There’s apparently been some rumors as well which Markus addressed saying, “Not true at all. This is a massive gig and I’ll do everything possible to be there for the fans.” A third question was asked and Markus gave some more reassurance saying, “As things stand Egypt has my word that I will be there. Honored to come back.”

How much does Markus love Los Angeles? “ha ha stretches arms as wide as possible to say thiiiiiiiis much.”

If Markus could pick one city to settle down in later in life, where would it be? “I’m very happy in Miami. I need to be somewhere with warm weather and isn’t a pain to travel to and from.”

Do you consider yourself as successful DJ or more like, just a man doing what he loves? “Doing my dream love for a living”

When growing up Markus’ dream job was “a radio host, then doing what I do now.”

Where demos can be sent?  demos@globaldjbroadcast.com. Markus has often said that you shouldn’t expect to hear feedback on the track but if they like it and will use it they’ll be in touch.

If Markus couldn’t make music anymore, he says he would feel empty. “The day I feel I don’t have the ability to create anymore is the day I hang up the headphones.”

When asked what is better, a talking dog or a cat that can cook, Markus said “I have a dog that tries to eat sharpies” (hmm… which dog is it, Star or Comet?) “and a cat that does my scream face.”

If you could pick anyone in the world (dead or alive) to hang out with for an hour who would you choose? “Larry Levan. Was hugely inspired reading all the stories about his Paradise Garage nights so would have loved to ask him about that.” Read about Larry Levan on Wikipedia.

Who was your idol when you began your music career? “Mr. Magic, Red Alert, Tony Humphries, Latin Rascals and Larry Levan.”

Do you have the Rey Mysterio’s mask or the El Santo’s mask? “El Santo”

What earplugs do you use? “I got mine custom made a few years ago via my doctor. Vital when you have a heavy tour schedule. Pricey but recommended.”

Do you work out to keep up with your hectic schedule? “Yeah, as much as possible. I’ve taken up bike riding this year.”

Do you have any pre show superstitions? “If time allows I always try to get a disco nap in.”

How many unicorns have you slayed? “More than enough to have PETA on my ass.”

You ready to murder El paso at Sun city music festival? “I can’t believe how many people are messaging me about SCMF! Getting so excited to play it!”

Do you still have the unicorn necklace I gave to you at Fluxx? Do you ever get tired of playing so many shows? “Yes, still have my drawer of kandi from the bus tour. The travelling is tiring but the passion of the fans helps me get through.”

When are we going to get news on Scream Bus Tour Part 2? “Let me get the city comp done and dusted first! :p”

If you weren’t a DJ/producer what would you have done as a career? “I honestly couldn’t imagine myself doing anything.”

Do you ever think about Avalon NYE 2012-13? “I do all the time. I have both the GDJB World Tour and rabbit hole portions of the set on my ipod when traveling.” Listen to the rabbit hole.

I have a great idea. Would you be open to one of us planning a track list for a set? Dibs if this ever happens. “That would be a cool idea sometime but would take huge planning because as you know I tweak nearly everything to fit my sets.”

How can you describe your fans in Mexico? “One of the most passionate and loving set of fans anywhere.”

Thoughts on Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas? “Incredible. Said it for a while but crucial show every year.”

Can I enjoy a beer with you when you come to Helsinki in a few weeks? “May not be the best idea since it’s the same weekend as the 12 hour Tomorrowland + have Ibiza the next day!”

Best memory from The Guvernment on Canada day? “Has to be the wedding proposal. First time I ever did something like that on stage.” Read the Schulz Army review of that night including the wedding proposal.

How many things did you sign at the Tao Beach pool party during EDC? “lol I have no idea. It got to the stage of deliriously tired that I was in the zone and kept going.” Friendly reminder from Markus Schulz that day, “Don’t throw balls at DJs”.

Markus Schulz Dont Throw Balls at DJs

Why and how can you be such an amazing DJ? “It’s hard and easy. Hard because of the amount of time you have to dedicate, but easy when you feed off the passion of the fans.”


Favorite piece of DJ equipment to use? “The advancement of the CDJs in the past few years has been incredible.” He also said that the 2000’s are his favorite.

Can you tell us which are your current favorite DJs outside of Coldharbour? “Guy J, Adam Beyer, The M Machine.”

What’s your favorite color? “Gotta say black otherwise my 20 slayer v-necks will be sad.”

Someone mentioned that they really like the black sneakers you often wear to shows and were wondering what brand they are? “Converse.”

What’s your favorite part of your job? “Connecting with the fans and meeting them in person where we become friends for life.”

Favorite song at the time? “Stairway to Heaven.”

What do you think so far in 2013 are your top 5 favorite cities you’ve played in so far? I hope Toronto is one! “Toronto definitely, Prague for Transmission, Kiev in Feb was off the hook, solo nights in Buenos Aires and ASOT 600 Mexico City.”

What are the best headphones you use? “Technics RP DH1200.”

What is your favorite set that you have ever played and why? “Hugely proud of LA ’12 release party solo set bc it was 1st one in LA.”

Saw you and Ferry at Tao beach during EDC week and it was unreal! What do you prefer intimate shows or big festivals?? “Both have their charms. I love production you can bring to a festival to feel like a spectacle but love closeness of fans too.”

What is your favorite trance song?? “The original ‘Perception’ by Cass & Slide.” Listen to it here:

Perception is track that is special to Markus because the original Cass & Slide version is the one track he wishes he could have made himself.

Favorite cities to play in the US?  “Way too many to be just one but special connection in LA, NY, SF, DC, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Las Vegas and Phoenix.”

DJ Mag Top 100

Markus hasn’t decided yet on his top 5 DJs, but most likely it will be, “A few of the Coldharbour guys along with a couple of others who I admire.”

Any guesses as to who will be #1 in the Top 100 DJs poll, “I would be surprised if it was anyone other than Armin.”

How important is the Mag poll for you, like, honestly? “It’s still relevant to the scene so we all have to care about it to a certain degree. But I’ve always said it’s the fans’ voice.”

Do you think the DJ Top 100 has any relevance to the EDM scene? “It plays an important role because club promoters use it as a tool. It’s why I encourage people to vote regardless for me or not.”

Do you care about the DJ Mag rankings at all? “Ultimately it’s (hopefully) the fans’ voice. What means the most to me is having people believing in me and what I do.”

What do you think about this DJ mag list?  “It’s a large fabric of our scene. Not the singular make or break thing for careers but is important.”


Flames Central in Calgary, “It’s a great little venue. Scene in Calgary is getting bigger with every visit and always enjoy passing through.”

Markus thinks that Paradiso in Seattle, Washington has the “most beautiful backdrops I have ever seen when on stage DJing.” “That place was amazing. Would love to do a summer sunset extended set there sometime.”

Full on Ferry, “was fun, the new Eden is pretty cool. Looking forward to getting back to Ibiza next Monday.”

City Compilation

Release date? “Should be next month, have worked tirelessly on it for months to make it as special as possible for the BA fans.”

Markus is hoping that the Buenos Aires ’13 City Compilation will be released within the next 5-6 weeks. “Don’t have a definite date yet but will let you know.”

Release party? “Making plans for it but won’t happen until after summer.”

Why did you pick Argentina for this year compilation city? Any particular reason? “Accumulation of all my Argentinean experiences over the years and felt it was right time to highlight the passion of fans there.”

“Played Argentina for very long time + thought moment was right. Don’t worry, Mexico becoming hugely important for me every year.”

What makes the Argentinian crowd stand out from the rest? “Argentina was one of the first countries who really embraced me and what my sound was about. Their passion is intense.”

What do you like most about Argentina?  “Passion of the fans and the amazing Argentinean steaks!”

“I can see Mexico being a city compilation within the next 3-4 years. The fans there are so good to me.”

Why wasn’t there a city compilation in 2007? “The comps used to come out a lot later in year, Ibiza ’06 I think was Oct and then I had Progression summer ’07. 07 was due to be Amsterdam with late Oct release date but ended up being pushed back to January 08, so had to skip a year. 07 was originally Amsterdam, but schedule meant it was pushed back from November ’07 to January ’08”

Possibility of a city compilation Beirut ’14, “You never know, but ideally I would need to have much more of a regular presence in the country rather than every few years.”


How are you gonna prepare yourself for a long 12 hour set in Tomorrrowland? “I’m travelling there night before so hoping to get a good night’s sleep and get the jet lag out of the system.”

What happens if you need to go to the bathroom during your 12 hour set? “Put on one of my 30 minute long Dakota tracks.”

Will they allow you to have a meal on stage behind the decks? “I’ll probably arrange to have some light food. Dealing with the heat will be the hardest especially if it’s a humid day.”

Do you like mozzarella sticks? “Don’t tempt me! In marathon set training mode this week. :p”


Will “Perception (Rafael Frost Remix)” ever be released? “No plans to release at the moment. It was done mainly as an exclusive for my live sets.”

Oh and track 5 from your ASOT MIA set, WHAT IS THAT!!!!!! “Buenos Aires ’13 will have the answer.”

Come to San Francisco for an open to close set! Maybe a San Francisco album? “Don’t forget SF got the entire 2nd disc of the World Tour Best of 2013 compilation last year!”

What inspires you when producing? Any place, any crowd in particular? “It can be any crowd really. When I am on stage and reacting to the crowd it gives me ideas to try in the studio during the week.”

Would you ever make a genre switch like Tiesto from trance to electro house? “No, I love melodies too much.”

Are you still releasing tracks on #CLHRred? And what qualifies for a red release? “Not at the moment, will most likely run everything thru main Coldharbour label for now. Always open to signing deeper material.”

Do you use a special track for the soundcheck? “I usually use the one song I want to test or am most excited about debuting to the fans that night.”

Will Scream 2 still be happening in the fall?  “Yes still the plan. Ongoing along with all the other multiple projects.”

Need a follow up of “New World Track”. That track always gives me goosebumps. Also ‘Do you dream’ too! “One of the instrumentals I’m working on for Scream 2 kinda has a “New World” sequel vibe about it.”

New Dakota album in the works? “Just a few tracks going at the moment that may or may not blossom into full album.”

If you were offered massive amount of money to change to house or another genre of music and leave trance will you accept?!  “No you have to follow your heart + fully love what you create. If you don’t enjoy what you make it sucks the life out of you.”

Should we be expecting new music being played at Electric Zoo? “Yep, yet more IDs to entertain people.”

Any word on collaborating with Eric Prydz? It would be an infusion of sinister sounding magic. Absolute Chaos. I hope it happens. “Would be amazing if it ever happened. Huge admirer of what he creates.”

Next Coldharbour artist to watch? “We just signed Beat Service to SMG so we’ll try to build him up in terms of gig presence.”

Markus has starting compiling tracks for his 4 hour Coldharbour Day mix.

Who has surprised Markus with their productions and the progress made in scene so far this year? “Loving Digital X and Purple Stories.”

Who has surprised you with their productions & progress made in the scene so far this year? “Loving Digital X and Purple Stories.”

Who are your major influences in trance music? “The young producers who are coming into the scene with so many fresh ideas.”

Can you post your set from Edmonton on the 12th?  “Wasn’t recorded unfortunately, generally only record whatever sets I use for GDJB World Tour. But great night, very kind fans.”

Thoughts on UK Hard House of the early 2000’s (Nukleuz, Tidy Trax)? “The old Mauro Picotto stuff of that era was incredible.”

Can we ever hear the live set from Sound Garden Hall this past April?? Please! “I didn’t record but after that night I definitely want to come back to Philly for another big show.”

What motivates you to produce? “Being on stage and seeing the reactions of the fans when performing.”

Which countries do you think should be as important as they are U.S. or Europe in terms of electronic music? “Mexico + Argentina.”

Every country has excellent DJs/Producers and great work to show. Every country must be important in terms of EDM. Markus replied, “That is indeed true and hopefully with the range of guys I support through Coldharbour it reflects that.”

Did you study in order to become a DJ/producer? “No I very much learned by doing. I started off by putting mix tapes together for breakdance parties for my friends.”

Where did you get your godlike talent for beautiful productions? Were you dipped in a fountain somewhat like Achilles? “Inspired by melodies and inspired by the fans, can’t put it any simpler than that.”

Do you enjoy buying new equipment or you consider it as just a part of being a DJ? “Usually once a year I’ll go on a huge shopping spree and buy loads of equipment to upgrade the studio.”

Also, any chance we could hear you play some Markus The Slice Schulz tracks on #gdjb? “lol, oh god. Who found my Backstreet Boys remix?” He mentioned it and here its.

Upcoming and Possible Cities

North Carolina: “No concrete date yet but it’s always a very fun spot to play, will most likely figure in next bus tour plans.”

Barcelona: ” I think I’ve only ever played there once but been there several times on layovers. Beautiful city, would be nice to do a show.”

Boston: “Next month, I’ll ask if I can update my tour dates tomorrow.”

When can we expect to see you back in montreal? I’m aching for an extended set at (((@StereoMtl ))) “Nothing concrete but door is always open for a bit of ((( ))) action.”

El Salvador: “No plans, but I’m getting a ton of requests from Central America fans. Might need to think about putting together a tour there.”

Moscow: “No plans at the moment but hopefully soon. Great scene in Moscow and continues to grow. Love the MS VK.”

Los Angeles: “I’m doing Groove Cruise at end of September and we’ll see about extended set at club after that sometime.” Regarding future shows at @AvalonHollywood this year, “Not ruling it out but no 100% plans I know of at the moment.”

Singapore:  “I think possibly early spring next year for Singapore and rest of Asia.”

India:  Any plans of having Coldharbour Day in India?  “India tour news coming soon but I am coming before end of year.”

Brazil:  “No plans at the moment but would love another run down to the incredible Green Valley.”

Is your @GlobalGathering set gonna be nearly as good as your 6 hour @ministryofsound set? “Very exited for it. One of the absolute best festivals to play every single year.”

OC August news is coming! (Update:  Just announced, Markus has a show on Thursday, August 22 at Sutra in Costa Mesa, CA. Tickets available soon!)

Nocturnal: “News coming soon ;)”

Beyond Wonderland Bay Area: “News coming soon!”

Do you want @ASOT 650 to happen in Toronto? “I approve!”

So the #ASOT650TO campaign is strong, how would you feel about Toronto getting an event like this and would you play it? “If it’s in the Rogers Centre and I can run to the stage like the Ultimate Warrior then I’m in.” New goal for the ASOT650TO campaign! Setup the runway and apply the face paint to Markus.

With cities campaigning for ASOT650 worldwide, do you think ASOT650 will be the best ASOT series? (@ASOT650TO loves you!) “It gets bigger and bigger every year and next year most likely the same. Would love to be part of it.”

The A State of Trance 650 Toronto is putting in some serious effort! Surprised that there haven’t been any other campaigns already active in something like this.

When will you come back to Chicago? “Hopefully soon! I owe everyone who supported me in the rain at EDC.”

Much respect for playing #EDCchicago in some unpleasant weather. Returning anytime soon? “Nothing yet but I’d love to. The Castle and EDC gigs this year were both incredible in their own way.”

When are you coming back to @echostagedc? We miss you over here. “I miss all the DC crew and Glowheads too. We will have to plan our next adventure soon.”

Do you have any plans to come back to México? Here, we miss you a lot #SchulzArmy. “Si!!!”

Any plans for Mexico City? We want you back here. “Mexico always on my mind because of you amazing fans!”

Did we have any chance to have you back in the decks again in Mexico? “Good news coming soon and very excited!”

Any chance you’ll be returning to LA with @KhoMha any time soon? I REALLY need to see you two do a B2B set. “No plans at the moment but make sure you support him and the guys at the Coldharbour Avalon night on Aug 24.” Buy tickets here.

Think you’ll be able to make an appearance during Coldharbour Night at Avalon next month? “No I’m actually at Marquee in Vegas that night. Will be there in spirit.”

Hope to see you at EDC Orlando this year, if not any big Orlando gigs you’ll be playing? “Haven’t heard anything at the moment but EDC would be cool to do again. Need to keep it growing for scene in Orlando.”

Ireland: “I think Ireland was talked about at some point but has gone quiet. Would be nice though, been too long.”

Sad you’re not coming back to Oz for Stereosonic this year, when will we see you again? “Talk about maybe a club tour early next year but early stages at the moment.”

Paraguay: “I don’t think I have ever been there. If there is a club and a promoter that can bring me to your country then go for it.”

Ideal next residency? “New York.”

Any chance for another @ElectricZooNY after party this year? “If Made Event want me to do it then I’m happy to do it esp bc it’s for the NYC fans.”

Any word on an Electric Zoo after party at a non-Pacha venue?  “I don’t mind Pacha to be honest. I like the intimacy of it. But I’ll play anywhere good for the NY fans.”

How about to explore new locations in Ukraine like Kharkov with Coldharbour Night? “Ultimately up to the promoters to put a plan together then approach the office.”

Will you ever come back to South Africa again for a #GDJB ? Your set in Johannesburg was unforgettable Your music changed my life. “Oh yes, would always be open to doing GDJB from South Africa again.”

Trinidad and Tobago needs you. You need to take us down the rabbithole! “I would love to go back there for some downtime. Been a while”

Solo Sets

Do you ever feel bored when you DJ for 6+ hour long sets? “Not at all. The longer sets I get the opportunity to road test unfinished and new material way before all the regular sets.”

When asked what he would do if he needs to use the restroom during his 12 hour set, Markus says he will “Put on one of my 30 minute long Dakota tracks.”  Has anyone ever seen Markus take a break during one of his marathon sets?

Would love to see you do open-close @TheGuvernment once a year, is that realistic?? “I am holding out my arms for a TO hug to make it reality.”

In Las Vegas, “That would definitely be cool to do sometime. If Marquee could extend the hours it would be even better!”

What about DC’s long set? “Up to the @ClubGlow crew! But would be amazing to do open to close sometime.”

Washington, D.C.: “Would be amazing to do open to close sometime.” @ClubGlow crew take note!

When is that open to close set you promised us TranceFamilySF fans? “I am shifting a few gears in the hope of making it happen. Haven’t forgotten! (and TFSF wouldn’t allow me.)”

When asked if he would ever consider playing a show as Dakota, Markus replied  “I think generally I get into my Dakota groove in the early part of solo sets.”

When are you gonna pull a marathon set in NYC? “No plans outside of Electric Zoo at the moment but an NY open to close is something I’d dearly love to tick off my list.”

Compare doing a marathon set and b2b. Is a  B2B marathon possible? “Definitely is, just did a  B2B with Ferry Corsten for over 6 hours at TAO Beach in Vegas for EDC weekend.”

When do you plan to do your next US marathon set? “Won’t be until well after summer, spending most of now to September in Europe and elsewhere.”

You must do an open to close set here in NYC anytime this year it would be great. “Yes NY and DC are top of my list for first time open to close solos (and SF again cause I owe them after the same DC bet).”

All I have to say is NYC needs a solo extended set! “I second that. High on my to-do list.”

Super jealous of your 12 hour set at Tomorrowland! Any chance of a US extended set tour? We would love to see you at  Foundation Nightclub. “It would be great to do sometime but would require a lot of advance planning. Maybe next year?”

New World Punx

Was your gig last year with Ferry at Echostage the catalyst for becoming the new world punks? “That gig was definitely the deal breaker.”

New World Punx at Echostage any time soon?  “Always open to come back to DC but no plans yet. Would love to finally do open to close solo there too.”

Any chance of a New World Punx set at Electric Zoo? “Ferry and I are doing different days for Electric Zoo so not likely.”

Would you do a show in LA as New World Punx? “Would always be open to playing in LA in any form.”

Markus hasn’t heard the exact set times for his NWP set with Ferry in Lebanon, but he won’t be complaining if the set is 6 hours.

Will their be a new world punx tour and how is scream 2 coming along ? “Few NWP shows confirmed for fall + NYE. Playing few instrumentals and vocals from Scream 2 in current livesets, still plenty to do.”

Are you looking forward to #POPNYE with Ferry Corsten? Any surprises in store for New Year’s Eve? “Should be a lot of fun. We’ll be working on more surprises in the run up to Christmas.”

Any plans to play some New World Punks shows in the near future? Where? “Yes, have a couple of shows lined up around Halloween time and confirmed for POP NYE in the Bay Area.”

Fate Nightclub

I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for the opportunity to attend the grand opening of Fate Nightclub last Thursday. Markus replied, “Hoping the Thursday nights really take off and we can get a regular trance footprint in Miami.”

It was a pleasure meeting you at the grand opening of Fate the other night! Did you have fun? “Yeah was great. I’m going to try to be there on Thursday nights when I’m at home and not travelling so you can say hi again.”

Stay tuned in for the next one!