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New Release Review: Fisherman & Hawkins – Virus and Antidote E.P.

Dutch duo Isaac Vissers and Rob Koopmans have been responsible for some of Coldharbour Recordings’ outstanding moments over the past couple of years. After a grand entrance with Nightshift, they ascended to even greater heights with Apache. Now leading the way is Virusa track which may be familiar to trance goers who attended Markus’ solo sets throughout the summer season.

This track can be summed up as pure bliss! From the very first time you hear it, you are on a journey. The melodic highs will draw you into the sounds hiding within. Mid way through, the track takes a nice turn and presents itself with hard-hitting lows and that great build we all desire. At this point, I have to admit I wanted to get out my chair and start dancing.

Fisherman and Hawkins really did a nice job in starting subtle, and evolving the sound and beat all the way to the ending of Virus. The build throughout this track is perfect, about every 30 seconds or so you will hear a little more added to the original line. I have to say, the real magic happens in the last half of the track.

I will definitely be playing this at one of my upcoming shows and I am sure it will make the club goers as happy as I was to hear it!

The second track in the E.P. release is Antidote and you cannot help but to notice the long and light build. To me this means one thing, a hard-hitting combination of highs and lows is in the near future. When the drop kicks in on this track you notice the very festival sound qualities it has. Antidote is definitely one of those tracks catered to a large, powerful and clear sound system with a crowd full of people ready to party to trance.

By mid track when the synth sound begins, you can almost picture thousands of hands in the sky waiting for that hard kick to come back. It does, but for just a moment. It still has the nice qualities of the first half, but begins to taper a little earlier in the track than I thought it would have.

Overall I would say this is a pretty good track by the duo, but I also see this track as a remixer’s dream.

Both tracks are now available on Beatport and can be purchased here.