Review: Anske “Unleashed”

Anke is at it again. Another anthem graces our presence from his debut E.P. on Coldharbour Recordings. Following suit to its predecessor, the already acclaimed “Epika”, “Unleashed” takes things down to a deeper, darker place. He takes us on a stroll down dark and eerie pathways while our senses begin to tingle from the thought of what may lurk around the corner. Around the bend the tracks breaks down, descending, while ghostly calls beckon us forward as we find ourselves surrounded by a rich and longing melody, playing the role of our host to a world where anything can be expected. In a flash the melodious lead takes over sending us to the highest heights, conquering our fears and we embark glorious on our conquest of life from a fresh perspective. If anything can be said about Anske is that he is certainly an artist to keep a close eye on in 2016. He hasn’t unleashed all his energy and diversity just yet. There is plenty more underway.

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“Unleashed” is one of three massive tracks that are included on Anke’s ‘Epika’ E.P. that’s out on Coldharbour Recordings.

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