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Travelling Down the Rabbit Hole in Toronto with Markus Schulz

The rabbit hole is a time when things get a little weird and the music may get a little trippy but there’s no need to fear it. This past Saturday night Markus Schulz was given the reigns of the DJ booth at The Guvernment nightclub in Toronto for his first solo set and he played for nine hours ending just before 8 AM. The Guvernment is a venue that deserves legendary status and has been dancing until dawn for nearly 20 years and has hosted Markus Schulz many times over the years. There was a lot of asking, begging and pleading for this event to happen and it was well worth the wait. Read the back story here.

I have heard a lot of great things about the solo set and this was the first one I’ve ever been a part of and was worth the over three hour drive to enjoy it. Suzanne Welker Jurgens, a partner in Schulz Army, flew to Toronto from San Francisco for the weekend just for this event as well. There was also people we knew of who had travelled to Toronto from Boston, New York City, Washington DC and Montreal. This was a destination event.

Keith Patrick Suzanne ASOT 650 TorontoThe hotel of choice was the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto which is only a few blocks from the club and was filled with partiers going to The Guvernment as well as the Digital Dreams Festival that was also being held in Toronto that weekend featuring Tiesto, Dash Berlin, Paul van Dyk, Wolfgang Gartner, Richie Hawtin and many more. Toronto is an amazing city to visit and possibly one of the most underrated in North America when it comes to electronic music. If you’re looking for a place to travel to this would be worth it.

We met with A State of Trance 650 Toronto campaign during the day to pickup some original t-shirts they had designed for the night and to also get a glimpse of the shirt they had made specifically for Markus Schulz to give him that night. Every trance addict dreams of hosting A State of Trance event in their city and Toronto has been working hard to make it happen and getting everyone they can on board.

The club was scheduled to open it’s doors at 10 PM with Markus Schulz going on at 11 PM and then playing until closing time. We arrived at the club around 9:30 PM and quickly traded some #SchulzArmy Down the Rabbit Hole We Go bracelets with some people from Hamilton to be first in line. The doors finally opened, searches were conducted and everyone ran in the doors. Markus was already in the DJ booth trying to finish his setup and had an instant smile on his face as the dance floor began to fill up. He had flown in to Toronto after playing in Las Vegas the night before and probably had little time between travel, a disco nap and the setup.

The nine hour journey began shortly after 10:30 PM and didn’t end until after 7:30 AM in the morning and I would’ve loved to have reviewed the night hour by hour but the dance floor and music suck you into having a good time. An hourly review wouldn’t even do it justice, this is something that you need to experience if you’re a fan of the music. It was hot, sweaty and packed at times but it was to be expected with a set like this and also 50,000 people attending a festival down the street looking for an after party as well.

Markus began the journey with a progressive build up getting everyone in a groove and warmed up for the extended slaying that was headed our way. The crowd was cheering and chanting “Markus” as he set the pace for the night and it was clearly noticed on his face that he acknowledged the affection. The City of Toronto has been a special place for him over the years and was also featured on the 2009 city series compilation. The 2013 city is expected to be announced at any time. As the night progressed into what’s considered the peak hour material it featured Scream tracks, all of the New World Punx tracks and a lot of old school trance tracks.

There was also a special moment in the night during “Perfect” when the words in the picture below appeared on the screen and Julie said yes to the proposal from Chris. Chris had gotten word to Markus that he wanted this to happen and the two of them worked out details and it went off without a hitch. A perfect moment for an amazing couple from Montreal!

Chris asks Julie to marry him in Toronto
Photo by xoxstacey

As the club started to clear out from those not in it for the long haul the rabbit hole began where as Markus always says, things get a little bit weird and trippy but not a time to fear. The rabbit hole featured staples like “Nothing Matters”, “Man with the Red Face” and of course “Rapture”. If you’d like to really get a taste of the music during a rabbit hole set listen to the over three hour mix recorded at Space in Miami.

The club has a side door that leads to a patio outside and at one point in the morning with the sun shining and the door open Markus got on the microphone and quickly said, “Close the door, you’re letting unicorns in!” One unicorn either survived the slaying portion of the set or entered the club during the moment that those doors were opened.


IMG_2042 (2)As the music ended towards the 8 AM hour there was still almost half of the club left cheering him on as the music wound down but he had to finish up since he had to get to Ottawa for another gig in less than 12 hours. Markus took the time like he usually does to take pictures, shake hands and sign autographs. The club cleared out and the zombie walk back towards the hotel began.

There’s few DJs in the world that can play an extended solo set like this and Markus Schulz is a master of the art. I had the pleasure of seeing Sasha and Digweed play an extended set at Twilo in New York City before it closed it’s doors and at the time I never thought anything would compare but this surpassed that experience. Once you’ve enjoyed sets like these the standard one to two hour club or festival set just don’t compare.

Sign me up for the solo set travel club!

Here’s almost 50 minutes of the final hour or so that he played. It’ll give you an idea but really doesn’t do it justice, you need to experience this.

Review of New World Punx at A State of Trance 600 New York City

After seeing KhoMha’s show on a Friday in March in New York City, I was excited to see the super duo New World Punx (NWP), consisting of Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten play at a State of Trance 600 on Saturday. The show sold out in one hour at Madison Square Garden, a massive arena which hosts the biggest sporting events in New York, a sign of just how big trance music has suddenly become today.

Markus Schulz is often described as a DJ’s DJ, a musician who fellow DJs study, imitate and admire due to his amazing skill, vast technical mastery and hooky, vibrant compositions. Schulz was named America’s Best DJ of 2012 by DJ Times.

Madison Square Garden was completely packed to the ceiling with crazy, berserk, screaming fans after I arrived and the show started.  At one point, right before NWP came on, the entire sound system blew up, dying for a tense 10 minutes during which time the crowd nearly turned into a mob. Fortunately the sound was restored quickly and everything was good.

NWP’s set was visceral, ethereal, dark and memorizing. The percussive keyboard style of the group was present in almost every element in their arrangements. At one point, the keyboards turned into a heavy, crushing bass that felt like it was going to vibrate your atoms apart.

New World Punx ASOT 600 Made Event

If Markus is dark than Ferry is light. Their two styles contrast and compliment each other quite nicely much like fire and oxygen. Their set twisted and deftly turned on so many hair pin, musical dimes it made you feel dizzily breathless. Unlike many DJs which just play the same old, tired riff over and over again, NWP didn’t have a set of songs, but instead an aggressive and sophisticated, series of hooks which could have been the basis for a 100 separate songs by themselves. The massive output was mind boggling and it is no wonder that Schulz has played long sets for hours and hours as a solo artist, together the group is a bottomless well of rich ideas.

The light show was hypnotic, an unreal hyper kinetic collection of images that made you feel as though you were in a higher, more enlightened state of transcendental being. It was like staring divinity in the face, both the devil and the angel together in one space, one group, until it was good, much like day and night coexisting to create a full normal day.

It’s no wonder that A State of Trance is one of the most successful world tours today. At the show, NWP not only showcased the future of trance but also set the standard for all live performing acts. If you have not seen NWP perform live it is recommended that you check them out when they come to town.

New Word Punx at ASOT 600 NYC


Download KhoMha Set From ASOT 600 Den Bosch

A State of Trance 600 The Expedition was a global success that finished up in Den Bosch on April 6, 2013 and the crowd was KhoMhatized by this 58 minute set.

Track list from 1001Tracklists.com

1. Armin van Buuren & Markus Schulz – The Expedition (ASOT 600 Theme) (KhoMha Remix)
2. Ashley Wallbridge & Rafael Frost vs. Tristian Garner – Overdrive Zorro (Markus Schulz Mashup)
3. ID – ID
4. KhoMha – Hydra [COLDHARBOUR (ARMADA)]
5. Ummet Ozcan vs. Cosmic Gate vs. Rank 1 – L.E.D. The Box Be Fire Wire (KhoMha Mashup)
6. KhoMha – Vapor [COLDHARBOUR (ARMADA)]
7. Mark Sixma – Requiem [MAINSTAGE (ARMADA)]
8. KhoMha – Mind Gamer [COLDHARBOUR RED (ARMADA)]
9. KhoMha – Dusk Riddles [COLDHARBOUR (ARMADA)]
10. Rice Vega – Duuurb
11. KhoMha – The Dark Knight [COLDHARBOUR (ARMADA)]
12. Orjan Nilsen – No Saint Out Of Me [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
13. Cosmic Gate – Storm Chaser (Global Gathering 2012 Anthem) (KhoMha Remix) [BLACK HOLE]
14. KhoMha vs. Nadia Ali – Dejavu vs. Rapture (KhoMha Mashup)
15. Eric Prydz vs Dada Life – Every Bass (KhoMha Mashup Mix)


(Link may expire after 30 days of non use, no guarantee on how long it’ll be active)

Markus Schulz lengthy Twitter Q&A Recapped as he Talks New Tunes, ASOT, NWP, Future Dates, Favorites and More

There’s a lot of reasons we all love Markus Schulz but one of the ways he connects with fans consistently tuning into his Thursday afternoon Global DJ Broadcasts and chatting with his fans on Facebook on Twitter.  On Monday night he spent about an hour doing a random Q&A answering a number of questions, towards the end he said there was still 400 some tweets he hadn’t opened.  There’s a lot to admire in how much he opens up to questions but also keeps enough a mystery.

Not everyone is an addict so some of the questions/answers may seem obvious but he still answered!  Chances are you didn’t feel like clicking each conversation so just read below, I did all the hard work and there’s enough information below for a Markus Schulz Trivial Pursuit board game.

Want to try and get a picture, autograph or handshake from the slayer himself? Stick around when he’s done playing and get near the front!  This is asked often and the reply is often the same.  As long as it’s possible Markus always goes to the barrier/front of the stage to greet his fans.

Unicorn Slayer Name

Why unicorns?  “rainbows” (@NourAgha) Possibly the most amusing answer here!!!!

How the term unicorn slayer got started, “somebody tweeted it as a slogan since I was known as the anti-trance trance guy, I retweeted it and it took own a life of its own.” (@AJJaegle)

Another question about how he came up with unicorn slayer, “I didn’t actually invent it! Someone sent me a tweet referring to me as “the unicorn slayer of trance” about 3 years ago.” (@CatfishIsTasty)

More about being the unicorn slayer, “I retweeted it and it blew up like crazy. Suddenly people start showing up at gigs with Unicorn Slayer t-shirts” (@CatfishIsTasty)


When did he move to the US and does he miss Germany?  “I moved when I was 13. I do miss it sometimes, but I have an apartment in Berlin where I stay in between gigs in Europe.” (@pvd_27)

How does he prepare physically for 12 hour sets?  “Eating light, getting a good sleep beforehand and not drinking any alchohol before or during set.” (@paullyking)

Want a hug after his Chicago gig on April 5th?  He said, “sure, as long as you bring Chi-town hot dogs.”  Imagine trying to explain that to security! (@nessafuu)

What percentage of the fan base likes the rabbit hole stuff?  “Hard to know, but it’s good more and more people are becoming aware of it. Posting the cut from LA on NYE on Soundcloud helped.” (@RoknSpock)

Best performance ever?  “I think the achivement of playing 16 hours total in 2 b2b nights in LA for the LA ’12 release parties.” (@F_Otaku23)

Asked to admit that Nothing Without Me is his favorite Scream track, “haha! When I made it I had a feeling it was going to be big, but never expected it to become such an attachment for everyone.” (@Lana4z)

Does the chick in the “Nothing Without Me” video scratch? If yes, how deep?  “haha, I don’t know, the restraining order is doing its job.” (@je44ery)

What’s it like playing in front of so many fans?  “you have to pinch yourself sometimes and remind yourself that you still need to work and entertain them.” (@Nick_Sammons)

On a moment when he realized holy shit I have an awesome life, “when I got my first job offer as a DJ after playing at a breakdance party.” (@JustANJones)

What artist was he happy to see/meet this past week?  “Paul Oakenfold. When he speaks, you take everything in because he’s seen it and done it all.” (@KSpencePhotos)

A city compilation for 2013?  “Early summer, approx June.” (@gissy_avalos)

Plans for the rest of the year?  “Bus Tour, 2013 city compilation, Ibiza + festival season. That’ll take me through to the end of the summer.” (@trancefamily8)

Longest studio session, “I think I did almost 24 hours a few times.” (@rvn_10)

Favorite up and comer?  “Think we both know the answer to that, some Colombian fella.” (@G_ill7)

Favorite non-Coldharbour tune at the moment?  “The remix of School of Seven Bells – Reappear that Thomas Datt sent me.” (@jfd6812)

Favorite studio tools?  “Logic and Ableton.” (@DannyAguilar787)

Favorite board game?  “Monopoly.”  (@vy_cma01)  That explains the long sets, gets involved for the long haul.  The only way someone can love that game.

Favorite all time song/artist, “Stairway to Heaven, artist: Pink Floyd, dance track: the original Perception by Cass & Slide.” (@CakeEater12)

Favorite place in the world, “gotta say Miami right? Went on vacation to Lizard Island in Oz last year though, that place was paradise.” (@marie_encina)

Favorite thing to do other than music?  “playing and watching sports, esp basketball.” (@missliz1102)

Favorite compilation of all time?  “I used to always say Sasha & Digweed’s Expeditions because it had my Edge Factor remix of Jayn Hanna on it!” (@TeddyGram420)

Producer to collaborate with?  “An Eric Prydz collab would be very interesting.” (@lmfstyle)

On dealing with sound issues at UMF Buenos Aires, “Very difficult to manage because weather is out of your hands. Still have responsibility to play and entertain fans toughing it out.” (@Maflotinha)

Where was Star (dog) and Dakota (cat) during the filming of the Harlem Shake videos?  “They were in charge of filming! :p” (@Maflotinha)

Best country to perform one?  One with the most energy?  “The US is obvious because of all the shows, but Prague, Kiev and Buenos Aires right up there.” (@shipit13)

On the Miami Heat winning streak, “definitely impressive. Still a bit to do to beat the Lakers record but I think they can do it.” (@ErrockOrtega)

On how he gets mixes to sound so big, “Effects box.” (@djlodato)

What is the DAW used in productions? Do you have any in particular?  “Nowadays it’s Logic.” (@JoseRios3)

Greatest achievement so far?  “That’s a tough one. I think the best way to answer is being able to do my dream job for a living.” (@EriqMoralese)

Where is the best crowd?  “Argentina is among the loudest.” (@FumoLetras)

How many tracks were played during his 12 hour set?  “The LA NYE one I think off the top of my head was 147.” (@dexteritee)

One other job in the world for a month, “probably running a radio station.” (@stewardsonshaun) That raises another question, how deep would the rabbit hole go in the early morning hours?

Staying focused for long sets, “you constantly have to read the room and gauge what the crowd wants. If you don’t then you’ll lose them pretty quickly.” (@sagarpchi)

Best city, club, or festival?  “Difficult to answer but to name a few – EDC, Nature One, Global Gathering, Transmission, Bal en Blanc.” (@EDMRAVECONNECT)

Tips for new producers, “always try to have your own style. Take influences from others and make a hybrid of your own.” (@KSharif5)

Advice for an up and coming trance producer?  “Try to develop your own style.” (@FreddyPedrique)

Interest in opening for Markus?  Produce tunes you’d like to get him to hear?  “You can send your demos to demos@globaldjbroadcast.com” (@david_alex_08)

New tracks with Seri?  “Never say never. I’m glad to have introduced her to the dance community through Love Rain Down.” (@mikederuzzo)

Toughest aspect of djing?  “The touring, staying on top of new music and making them fit into your live sets.” (@NevinFoxeh)

Related to A State of Trance

Best experience so far this year: “ASOT 600 Mexico.” (@Allanesk)

His favorite ASOT 600 so far?  “They have all been unique but Mexico City was so important for the community of fans there, they needed a big event like that.” (@nanahaam)

Favorite part of ASOT 600 Miami?  “Finally being able to play one!” (@AreebManji)

Three words to describe Miami, “Hot. Crazy. Rewarding.” (@FeT1970)

How much time was spent preparing for ASOT 600 Miami?  “Started working on it Thursday night right through to Sunday morning.” (@Richie_Katz)

Is he afraid of 138?  “not afraid but never really been my thing. 135 tends to be my limit when playing live.” (@deanjordan16)

On what he likes most about the A State of Trance events, “The scale of the events, how everyone is united at the venues and listening online, and hanging out with the DJs.” (@Kitty_Chrystal)

Were there nerves prior to the ASOT 600 Miami set?  “I was because it was the first big ASOT show I’ve done in my honetown. When you have frriends + family there you want to perform.” (@TranceInTX)

Favorite track played at ASOT 600 Miami, “one of the IDs I sneaked in and shocked everyone with! :p”  (@RichyV729)

Funniest thing seen from the stage, “to be honest the crowd went so far back it was tough to see everything going on” (@Gustavodlrp)

On what it felt like spinning with so many others in Miami, “It was definitely the biggest lineup out of all the big ASOT celebrations there have been.” (@MatthewCaligari)

Excited to play Albuquerque in April?  “yeah that’s going to be interesting because it’s outdoors and an early evening gig.” (@misses0wl)

On the panel with Carl Cox and Danny Tenaglia at the WMC in Miami, “that was amazing. To be on the panel with legends like him and Danny T was very humbling. Don’t think it was recorded.” (@Cradelus)

New World Punx

New World Punx was named after the tune New World by Markus and Punk by Ferry. (@pourbrew)

What inspired them to start?  “We did a few b2b shows last year, Godskitchen Birmingham, TAO Vegas and Echostage DC. The vibes of those gigs really.” (@keepitplur)

Did their styles change as they combined?  “I think there’s part of both of our respective styles that meet in the middle and that’s why they work well meshed.” (@pourbrew)

On the motivation for the comics of the duo, “I started reading through some comics in the office and figured it was worth trying. Something new and different.” (@KSpencePhotos)

Was the New World Punx set in Miami record?  “didn’t, don’t worry though, you’ll get the fun on Saturday.” (@TranceInPhilly)

On the potential of a New World Punx tour, “It’s very early stages at the moment but if the demand takes off then a tour may eventually happen.” (@Britkneetdwp)

During a short interview with Armin van Buuren during ASOT 600 Miami that they’ll probably do 10 to 15 dates a year.  He also mentioned that him and Ferry are having so much fun together that it’s a whole attitude and cool concept, they’ll still be doing what they have been as individual artists.

Avalon May 11

On how long he’ll play at Avalon on May 11, “never put a set time on Avalon, as long as everyone wants to keep going then I’ll go as long as I can.” (@lissakins)

Will Ferry Corsten be there too?  “no, will be @KhoMha and @The_M_Machine as part of the Scream Bus Tour.”  (@keepitplur)

Playing an extended set?  “yep, from the peak hour down through the rabbit hole.” (@shaynashley)

A State of Trance New York City

How does it feel to be playing MSG, “it’s the stuff of dreams, never in a million years did I think I’d play there. Gonna have to wear my Air Jordans.” (@dj_flanagan)

Upcoming gigs to look forward to, “this weekend alone is absolutely massive. ASOT 600 at Madison Square Garden NY, afterparty at Pacha and Bal en Blanc Montreal!” (@m_moss_7)

How long are New World Punx playing at the ASOT 600 after party at Pacha?  “Until they kick us out. We’ll turn off the lights when we are finished.” (@staccyy_)

What to expect from New World Punx at ASOT 600 NYC, “the MSG set will be high intensity, lot of my signature tracks + Ferry signature tracks, and a few surprise debuts.” (@dexteritee)

Expect new tunes (this includes Bal en Blanc)?  “We have one new original to debut and a new remix of a classic.” (@ZorTrance)

What can be expected of New World Punx, “a very late night!” (@Kyle_Cove)

Going down the rabbit hole at Pacha?  “yep, and I’m taking Ferry with me.” (@howieji)

Bal en Blanc in Montreal

On his next gig in Montreal, “playing b2b with Ferry at BEB this Sunday. 5th year in a row playing BEB for me. Very honored.” (@habs_fan_76)

On visiting Stereo in Montreal after Bal en Blanc to visit Danny Tenaglia, “might swing by for a little bit before my flight home.” (@Matt_Rivs)  For anyone who isn’t familiar with Montreal, the city parties well into the afternoon!  Bal en Blanc doesn’t end until 12pm and Stereo will be open well past that.

Ready for Montreal?  “yes! Love you guys in Montreal. One of the most special cities in our scene.” (@Sarahh_Sunshine)

Potential Tour Dates

A Toronto open to close set?  “Still whispers but very hopeful that it will finally happen.” (@zeeaziim)  To add on to this, Markus had played for about four and a half hours in Toronto at Labour of Love the first weekend of September 2012 in Toronto. He’s played longer sets before in Toronto but never a true open to close. A petition was started here trying to convince the club to make it happen and it’s slowly built some momentum.

Any Vegas dates planned?  “No Vegas news at the moment yet, but website tour dates will be updated as soon as there’s anything.” (@jsaunders_)

Also related to Vegas, asked about playing at Electric Daisy Carnival, “hoping so and I would imagine all the big names will be there again. Hopefully no wind this time though.” (@pat2icia)

Best of Both Worlds (Markus Schulz vs Armin van Buuren) at EDC Vegas?  “That would be cool to do, but ultimately would be up to promoter to decide.” (@MATOOOOOE)

Another about EDC Vegas, “Hope so! One of the best events every year.” (@JayHerrera10)

EDC NYC?  “Not 100% sure but I don’t think so.” (@jfd6812)

New World Punx in So Cal?  “Not just yet, main focus for me are the Bus Tour shows in SD and LA in May.” (@MelodeeRaves)

Seattle?  “Working on Seattle hopefully later this year at some point. You should come to @FIVESIXTYtalk in Vancouver on May 18.” (@AerynCoss)

Houston?  “Houston hopefully later in the year at some point. Enjoyed my visit there last year.”  (@TranceInTX)

El Salvador?  “No plans at the moment.”  (@JosueMartinez24)

Does he want to visit Egypt?  “yes! Would love to come back to Space Sharm sometime.”  (@OmarEldahan1)

Tunisia?  “great community that grows with every visit. Might be back at some point in summer.” (@ox_Sarra_ox95)

How many LA dates can be expected?  “just the one this time.” (@javierdontcare)

Glasgow?  “not sure. Hoping for a solo set at MOS in London at some point, so you should make plans to go to that.” (@MandyFarrel87)

Australia?  “The album promotion I guess was during Stereosonic last year. Will be back at some point again for sure.” (@WarrenParnell)

Mexico?  “Hopefully summer, miss you guys down there.” (@ErnestoArr & @an63110)

Kuala Lumpur?  “I’m still waiting on details for my week in Asia. Only one I know is Singapore on May 4.” (@Laidback_Lut)

Ibiza?  “Still waiting to hear about Ibiza.” (@tippm002)

Malaysia?  “Not sure, still waiting to hear on any plans.” (@deir_hoshiyar)

Indonesia?  “No plans at the moment but if any developments you’ll see them on website tour dates, beautiful country.”  (@tishaverinka)

Brazil?  “For sure. Your country is home to one of my favorite clubs to play, Green Valley.” (@ggb005)

That was lengthy!!!!  You can follow Markus Schulz on Twitter @MarkusSchulz and of course the Schulz Army at @_SchulzArmy.  Make sure to use the hashtag #SchulzArmy on Twitter.  And if you haven’t already, like the Schulz Army on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SchulzArmy

Markus Schulz Live Broadcast Today at ASOT 600 Miami

If you’re reading this than chances are you aren’t in Miami and you’re at home like a lot of us but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the atmosphere there as well!  Markus Schulz will be performing at the Ultra Music Festival A State of Trance 600 stage in Miami this afternoon at 5pm EDT and you can tune in live on live.astateoftrance.com and all of the other usual streaming stations as well that broadcast every A State of Trance.  Markus also performed last Saturday at Ultra, you can see his tracklist here.  It’s safe to assume we can expect some more ID – ID tunes in his set!

If you’re on Twitter make sure to follow @_SchulzArmy and use the hashtag #SchulzArmy during the broadcast and for any Markus Schulz related tweets.

The New World Punx (Markus Schulz & Ferry Corsten) will also be making their debut since they’ve officially become a group and will performing tonight at Mansion on Miami Beach.  The online ticket sales have closed but the Mansion ticket site says that there’ll be some at the door.  Schulz Army’s Doug Graham will be at the event, look for him to try and get your ‘#SchulzArmy Down the Rabbit Hole bracelet.’

New World Punx Mansion Miami March 24 2013

We’ll be looking for pictures, videos, tweets and any other stories from these events and all others to share with everyone else.

Here’s the set times for the A State of Trance 600 Miami stage:

ASOT600 Miami (EDT – local Miami time)
11:00 – 12.00      Armin’s warm-up set from studio
12:00 – 13:00      Tritonal
13:00 – 14:00      W&W
14:00 – 15:00      Cosmic Gate
15:00 – 16:00      ATB
16:00 – 17:00      Dash Berlin
17:00 – 18:00      Markus Schulz
18:00 – 19:30      Above & Beyond
19:30 – 21:00      Armin van Buuren
21:00 – 22:00      Ferry Corsten
22:00 – 23:00      Paul van Dyk

ASOT600 Miami (CET)
16:00 – 17.00      Armin’s warm-up set from studio
17:00 – 18:00      Tritonal
18:00 – 19:00      W&W
19:00 – 20:00      Cosmic Gate
20:00 – 21:00      ATB
21:00 – 22:00      Dash Berlin
22:00 – 23:00      Markus Schulz
23:00 – 00:30      Above & Beyond
00:30 – 02:00      Armin van Buuren
02:00 – 03:00      Ferry Corsten
03:00 – 04:00      Paul van Dyk